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Shahram Mohsenin,
Director, Wastewater Planning & Monitoring

Wastewater Management News, Videos and Podcasts


Wastewater Management News

national water quality month
- Fairfax County, Va. – National Water Quality Month is celebrated annually with regional Northern Virginia partners to acknowledge this is the perfect time to learn how important water is to people world-wide. It is also an opportunity to educate residents, partners and ourselves about the importance of clean, fresh water.
Wastewater collections team lining sewer pipes
- New sewer pipe liners are being installed in areas of the county since the Wastewater Collection Division (WCD) of the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES) has resumed full operations of its Sewer Rehabilitation Program.
- Fairfax County, VA – Protect your pipes – Don’t flush wipes. The wipes being used for cleaning, including the so-called “flushable’ wipes are not flushable. Unlike toilet paper, they do not break down. Put used wipes in the trash.

Flushed! The Journey of Wastewater

Wastewater Management (WWM) does more than just clean dirty water. Employees from all WWM divisions work toward pollution prevention and continuous improvement focused on maintaining our wastewater infrastructure, a critical asset to Fairfax County, and protecting human health and the environment. This video series highlights some of the programs and systems where dedicated wastewater employees work to enhance the quality of life for those that live, work or visit Fairfax County.

More videos will be added throughout the year.

Wastewater Management Videos

Learn about the environment in Fairfax County. Listen to EnviroPod.


Mitigating Sewer Odors in Holmes Run Stream Valley ~ La Voz del Condado de Fairfax (Nov. 12, 2019) - español

Juan ReyesFairfax County's weekly Spanish radio program, "La Voz del Condado de Fairfax," originally broadcast on WUST Radio (1120 AM) on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019. This week's show features Juan Reyes, assistant director with the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, discussing mitigating sewer odors in Holmes Run Stream Valley with host Heber Velasquez.

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