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Sewer Science Program

students conducting sewer science experiments

Sewer Science is a hands-on program that employees of Wastewater Management are taking into county high school science classes. The program teaches high school students about municipal wastewater treatment through a laboratory program which supports the Virginia Standards of Learning. The program simulates wastewater treatment processes and is run over the course of two 90-minute classes. Students learn important aspects of wastewater treatment such as:

  • primary clarification
  • biological secondary treatment
  • disinfection
  • filtration
  • ammonia reduction-all important aspects of wastewater treatment

Students learn to do tests to determine water quality parameters, such as pH, ammonia, turbidity and chemical oxygen demand.

All materials and supplies, including student and teacher workbooks, are supplied by Fairfax County Wastewater Management. To learn more call 703-550-9740, ext. 423, TTY 711, or email Wastewater Management Outreach.

Environmental presentations are also available from Stormwater Management and Solid Waste Management.