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2016 Lines of Business Questions and Answers

The information below is provided in response to questions by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors during the 2016 - 2017 Lines of Business. 


Question Number Package Question Meeting/
Request By
1-LOBs Package 1 (1/29) What are commercial office vacancy rates by area? 1/19/2016 EDA Gross
2-LOBs Package 1 (1/29) How much revenue is lost as a result of the FRD’s compassionate billing policy on emergency transport fees? 1/19/2016 Revenue Gross
3-LOBs Package 1 (1/29) What are the prevailing state requirements, current county rules and limits/options with respect to Real Estate Tax Relief? 1/19/2016 Revenue Foust
4-LOBs Package 2 (2/8) How does EDA's funding compare to surrounding jurisdictions? 1/19/2016 Revenue Hudgins
5-LOBs Package 2 (2/8) Identify metrics that measure EDA's success at expanding the commercial base. 1/19/2016 Revenue Multiple
6-LOBs Package 3 (2/15) Please provide a summary of the currrent financial terms associated with the Covanta contract. 1/22/2016 Solid Waste Cook
7-LOBs Package 3 (2/15) Please provide a comparison of functions and funding sources between the Circuit Court and the General District Court. 2/5/2016 Circuit Court / General District Court Gross
8-LOBs Package 3 (2/15) Where is the County relative to the 10% goal for park acreage both with and without other partners? 2/5/2016 Parks Herrity
9-LOBs Package 4 (2/19) Please describe the door count metric used by the Libraries. 2/5/2016 Library Smyth
10-LOBs Package 4 (2/19) Is there a decline in the number of qualified applicants for library jobs due to change in skill requirements? 2/5/2016 Library Gross
11-LOBs Package 4 (2/19) Please provide a breakdown of the various 911 calls. 2/5/2016 E-911 Storck
12-LOBs Package 5 (2/26) Does the County use a square foot per employee metric? 1/29/2016 FMD Herrity
13-LOBs Package 5 (2/26) What is the Library spending per capita compared to other jurisdictions? 2/5/2016 Library Herrity
14-LOBs Package 5 (2/26) Please provide a summary of jail operations, including the process for determining capital renovations and expansions, basic costs and reimbursements/funding sources; and inmate demographics. 2/9/2016 Sheriff Gross
15-LOBs Package 6 (3/4/2016) How does the Office of Emergency Management's spending per capita and reliance on grant funding compare to other jurisdictions? 2/5/2016 OEM Herrity
16-LOBs Package 6 (3/4/2016) Please provide the table showing the local funding commitment of Virginia CSBs. 2/23/2016 CSB McKay
17-LOBs Package 6 (3/4/2016) Please verify that the data showing that Virginia is 9th in the country for hospital spending and 39th for community-based care is per capita. 2/23/2016 CSB Storck
18-LOBs Package 6 (3/4/2016) Please provide information on how the Foundation Center Database can be accessed. 2/23/2016 OP3 Gross
19-LOBs Package 7 (3/11/2016) How do Wastewater's treatment costs compare to other jurisdictions locally and nationally? 1/29/2016 Wastewater Herrity
20-LOBs Package 7 (3/11/2016) What are the wastewater reserves and how do they compare to industry standards? What are the plans for the reserves? 1/29/2016 Wastewater Foust
21-LOBs Package 7 (3/11/2016) Provide information regarding the source and calculation of the 30,000 unit gap in affordable housing. 2/9/2016 HCD Herrity
22-LOBs Package 7 (3/11/2016) Describe the work of the Homicide Squad, including data tracked. 2/9/2016 Police Foust
23-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) Provide an update on the number of chronically homeless individuals and the barriers they face. 2/9/2016 OPEH Cook
24-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) What is the percentage of homeless individuals that refuse assistance? 2/9/2016 OPEH McKay
25-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) Provide the information provided on slide #11 in the Human Services presentation. 3/9/2016 Human Services Gross
26-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) What is the conviction rate as a percentage of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) arrests? 3/4/2016 Courts Foust
27-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) Provide the following data for the Office of the County Attorney:

- Five years of cost per capita.

- Cost per capita compared to surrounding jurisdictions, as well as jurisdictions of similar size.
2/23/2016 County Attorney Herrity
28-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) Provide the number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests handled by the Office of the County Attorney. 2/23/2016 County Attorney Herrity
29-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) How much has been spent on external legal counsel in the last 5 years? 2/23/2016 County Attorney Herrity
30-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) Explain how the Office of the County Attorney supports FCPS, including types of assistance provided. 2/23/2016 County Attorney Smith, Smyth
31-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) How is the Communications Sales and Use Tax distributed between the General Fund and other various funds? Are there restrictions on the distribution of the tax? 1/19/2016 Revenue Foust
32-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) Provide the wastewater sewer service charges for the last 10 years. 1/29/2016 Wastewater Gross
33-LOBS Package 8 (3/21/2016) Describe the mental health issues encountered in the jail and the partnership with Community Services Board. 2/9/2016 Sheriff Storck, McKay
34-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) Does the Animal Shelter track data on successful animal adoptions? 2/9/2016 Police Herrity
35-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) Please provide information on the FRD's prevention activities. 2/23/2016 Fire and Rescue Storck
36-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) Please describe the successful progression of OPEH clients from homelessness to supportive housing to more independent housing arrangements, including numbers of clients that have moved through the continuum and the general amount of time it took. 2/9/2016 OPEH Herrity
37-LOBs Package 8 (3/21/2016) Take comprehensive look at BPOL Taxes to include brief history/explanation of current rates, analysis of rates, benchmarking with surrounding jurisdictions and history. 1/19/2016 Revenue Multiple
38-LOBs Package 9
Provide update on naming rights issue. 3/4/2016 Park Authority Cook
39-LOBs Package 9
What is required to implement the automatic registration of new vehicles based on Department of Motor Vehicle data matches?      
40-LOBs Package 9
Provide information on MyFairfax. 3/9/2016 DTA Herrity
41-LOBs Package 9
Provide statistics regarding crimes associated with unlocked doors, windows and cars. 2/9/2016 Police Smyth
42-LOBs Package 9
Explain the 23 percent increase since FY 2012 in square footage maintained by Facilities Management, clarifying the measure with respect to what types of space is included (i.e., County owned, leased) and how net changes are calculated.  How is movement of staff out of leased space into county-owned space handled in calculation of the net? 3/9/2016 FMD Cook
43-LOBS Package 9
Provide an update on the lateral pipe issue. 1/29/2016 Wastewater Gross
44-LOBs Package 9
Provide a list of agency procurement cards and the general requirements of the program (i.e., allowable use, spending limits). 3/9/2016 DPMM Gross
45-LOBs Package 9 (4/1/2016) Provide a list of decentralized public affairs staff including what other functions they perform and status of their position (i.e., full time, part time). 3/9/2016 Public Affairs Herrity
46-LOBs Package 9
What percentage of the County's total procurement spending is through sole source contracts? 3/9/2016 DPMM Foust/Herrity
47-LOBs Package 9
What percentage of County procurement spending is associated with cooperative agreements? 3/9/2016 DPMM Herrity
48-LOBs Package 9
Explain the Fire and Rescue Department's response time standards, as well as the implications associated with each standard. 2/23/2016 FRD Storck
49-LOBs Package 10
Explain the reimbursement process for federal and state funding in the human` services system. 3/9/2016 DAHS Storck
50-LOBs Package 10
What is the wastewater system's actual average asset life versus industry average life? 1/29/2016 Wastewater Cook
51-LOBs Package 10
Provide an update on items included in past and upcoming Park bond referenda. 3/4/2016 Park Authority Gross
52-LOBs Package 10
Provide additional information on steps the Fire and Rescue Department is taking to reduce injuries, sick days, workers compensation claims, and overtime? 2/23/2016 FRD Herrity
53-LOBs Package 10
Provide benchmark metrics showing per capita expenditures, response times, and manager-to-firefighter ratios. 2/23/2016 FRD Herrity
54-LOBs Package 10
What is the amount paid to other wastewater utilities? 1/29/2016 Wastewater Herrity
55-LOBs Package 10
Provide a list of properties leased by the County. 3/29/2016 FMD Smith
56-LOBs Package 10
Explain 11 percent reduction in Information Access and Technology investment since FY 2008. 3/9/2016 General Government Storck
57-LOBs Package 10
Explain the basis of the position count included in the Positions per 1,000 Residents metric. 3/9/2016 General Government Foust
58-LOBs Package 10
Explain the change in the most recent Access Services data. 3/4/2016 Library Smyth
59-LOBs Package 10
How does Facility Management's cost per square foot maintained compare to the Building Owners and Managers Association benchmark for the Washington DC/VA Market when fringe benefits are normalized? 3/29/2016 FMD Herrity
60-LOBs Package 10
Describe the state related fees that support the Sheriff's Office including any relevant state caps, reimbursement rates/associated program costs, and current charges in the County. 1/19/2016

Revenue Foust, Gross, McKay, Storck
61-LOBs Package 10
Describe how the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and the Office of Capital Facilities work together on development projects. 2/9/2016 HCD McKay
62-LOBs Package 10
Describe the asset and acreage components of the local Real Estate Tax Relief Program. 1/29/2016 Revenue Foust
63-LOBs Package 10
What are the wait times for assistance with financial crimes? 2/9/2016 Police Herrity
64-LOBs Package 11 (4/15/2016) Please describe what the Health Department's environmental inspections entail. 2/5/2016 Health Gross
65-LOBs Package 11 (4/15/2016) What is the strategy to add more beds for those experiencing domestic violence. 2/26/2016 DFS Gross
66-LOBs Package 11 (4/15/2016) How does the County's human services spending compare to other Virginia jurisdictions? 3/9/2016 HS / DAHS Foust
67-LOBs Package 11 (4/15/2016) Provide a list of buildings maintained by FMD by magisterial district. 3/29/2016 FMD Gross
68-LOBs Package 11 (4/15/2016) Compare the County’s living wage to the wages paid by contractors providing custodial services. 3/29/2016 FMD Hudgins
69-LOBs Package 11 (4/15/2016) Provide a list of facilities that are considered maintenance intensive. 3/29/2016 FMD Herrity
70-LOBs Package 12 (4/25/2016) Explain local General Relief Program. 2/26/2016 DFS Gross
71-LOBs Package 12 (4/25/2016) What are the current outcome results for the Consolidated Community Funding Pool (CFFP) and what common outcome tracking will be in place after the redesign? 3/4/2016 CCFP Storck
72-LOBs Package 12 (4/25/2016) Provide information on how to access online custodial services contract details. 3/29/2016 FMD Storck
73-LOBs Package 12 (4/25/2016) Provide a list of required training, including ethics. 3/29/2016 HR Herrity
74-LOBs Package 12 (4/25/2016) Provide a 6-8 year history of funding and personnel by Police Line of Business. 2/9/2016 Police McKay
75-LOBs Package 12 (4/25/2016) What percentage of the Consolidated Community Funding Pool (CCFP) funds go to administrative costs for non-profits? 3/4/2016 CCFP Smyth
76-LOBs Package 12 (4/25/2016) What is the E-911 Center spending per capita compared to other jurisdictions? 2/5/2016 E-911 Herrity
77-LOBs Package 13 (4/29/2016) What is the cost of DFS' internal training programs (provided for County employees)? Please indicate by course the cost of the program, support materials, staff time (indicate with or without benefits) and cost to administer. 2/26/2016 DFS Herrity
78-LOBs Package 13 (4/29/2016) How much has the Healing of Racism program cost since its inception? Please include the cost of flights, time in Michigan, and program costs such as materials, staff time and instructors. 2/26/2016 DFS Herrity
79-LOBs Package 13 (4/29/2016) Provide the square footage per employee by administrative office building. 3/29/2016 FMD Herrity
80-LOBs Package 13 (4/29/2016) Describe the energy savings that the County has generated and what other opportunities there are going forward. 3/29/2016 FMD Storck
81-LOBs Package 14 (5/10/2016) What metrics drive efficiency in Stormwater? 1/29/2016 Stormwater Herrity
82-LOBs Package 14 (5/10/2016) Explain the drivers behind the increase in children receiving free meals compared to those receiving reduced-price meals in the Free and Reduced- Price Meal Program. 2/26/2016 NCS Herrity
83-LOBs Package 14 (5/10/2016) Provide cost per voter for comparative jurisdictions, normalizing benefit costs. 3/29/2016 Elections Herrity
84-LOBs Package 14 (5/10/2016) What is the budget impact of the bell schedule change by the Fairfax County Public Schools? 3/29/2016 Various Smyth
85-LOBs Package 15 (6/10/2016) Expand Q&A 13-LOBs to include Debt Service and updated jurisdictional data. 3/4/2016 Library Foust/Storck
86-LOBs Package 15 (6/10/2016) Provide a list of overtime by agency 5/10/2016 Compensation Smyth
87-LOBs Package 15 (6/10/2016) How many staff provide human resources services throughout the County and how does this relate to the total County employee count? 3/29/2016 HR Storck
88-LOBs Package 15 (6/10/2016) Provide a list of staff training opportunities sponsored by the office of Human Rights and Equity Programs (OHREP) 5/10/2016 OHREP Gross/
89-LOBs Package 15 (6/10/2016) Describe Neighborhood Networks and how it intersects with Opportunity Neighborhoods (ON) 2/26/2016 DFS/NCS Storck
90-LOBs Package 15 (6/10/2016) Describe the County's hiring process, highlighting the role of the decentralized agency staff as well as that of the Department of Human Resources staff 3/29/2016 HR Cook
91-LOBs Package 15 (6/10/2016) Provide additional information and metrics for Public Private Partnerships/Joint Venture Projects 1/19/2016 Public Private Partnerships Herrity
92-LOBs Package 15 (6/10/2016) Please provide metrics that demonstrate efficiency in the Office of the Sheriff 2/9/2016 Sheriff Herrity
93-LOBs Package 16 (9/23/2016) Describe the County's school health model including the use of nurses and aides, task prioritization and comparisons to models being employed elsewhere.  How does the Fairfax model allow the County to accommodate all of the students without meeting the state recommended nurse to student ratio? What are other jurisdictions’ nurse to student ratios? 4/1/2016 Joint-School Health McKay, Cook, Bulova
94-LOBs Package 16 (9/23/2016) Update slide 39 of the Compensation LOBs presentation to include other fund costs. 5/10/2016 Compensation Foust
95-LOBs Package 16 (9/23/2016) Provide additional context on the data shown on slide 3 of the Compensation LOBs presentation, including position changes and trends in other funds.  5/10/2016 Compensation Foust
96-LOBs Package 16 (9/23/2016) How many jurisdictions offer pre-Social Security Supplements to their retirees and what are the associated costs compared to Fairfax County's program? 5/10/2016 Compensation Smyth
97-LOBs Package 16 (9/23/2016) Provide what compensation, step and cost of living adjustment (COLA) increases have been over the last ten years for Federal employees and retirees. 5/10/2016 Compensation Foust
98-LOBs Package 16 (9/23/2016) What is the Health Department’s employees per 1,000 population ratio and how does it compare to surrounding jurisdictions? How does the Health Department’s budget compare to surrounding jurisdictions? 8/4/2016 Health Herrity
 What are other jurisdictions’ nurse to student ratios? 4/1/2016 Joint-School Health Bulova, McKay
99-LOBs Package 16 (9/23/2016) What is the cost per capita for each of the Department of Family Services (DFS) functional areas and compared to neighboring jurisdictions for the last five years? 2/26/2016 DFS Herrity
100-LOBs Package 16 (9/23/2016) Please describe how much is spent on each mode of transportation. 3/29/2016 Transportation Herrity
101-LOBs Package 16 (9/23/2016) How are Department of Family Services (DFS) metrics that drive efficiency communicated and shared within the organization?  How are they used? 2/26/2016 DFS Herrity
102-LOBs Package 16 (9/23/2016) Update the average annual salary data shown on slide 32 of the Compensation LOBs presentation to include overtime and stipends. 5/10/2016 Compensation Smyth
103-LOBs Package 17 (9/30/2016) Provide five years of cost per passenger mile and other efficiency data, as well as metrics compared to other bus systems. 3/29/2016 Transportation Herrity
104-LOBs Package 17 (9/30/2016) What on-time metrics are tracked? 3/29/2016 Transportation Herrity
105-LOBs Package 17 (9/30/2016) What are the management to staff ratios in the Department of Family Services (assume supervisors are staff)? 2/26/2016 DFS Herrity
106-LOBs Package 17 (9/30/2016) How does the County compare to other jurisdictions with respect to leave policies? 5/10/2016 Compensation Gross
107-LOBs Package 17 (9/30/2016) Describe the basic components of the FCPS Supplemental Retirement System. 5/10/2016 Compensation Herrity
108-LOBs Package 17 (9/30/2016) At what point will the County have more people in the retired category versus the active employee category and what is the impact? 5/10/2016 Compensation Herrity
109-LOBs Package 18 (11/21/2016) Provide the legislative staff per capita compared to other jurisdictions. 7/29/2016 County
110-LOBs Package 18 (11/21/2016) Describe how Volunteer Leave been used since it was added for County employees? 5/10/2016 Compensation Gross
111-LOBs Package 18 (11/21/2016) Describe the different health care options available to retirees, including Medicare. 5/10/2016 Compensation Foust
112-LOBs Package 18 (11/21/2016) Compare retirement income for a similar employee in the FCPS Supplemental Retirement System and the County’s Employees’ Retirement System. 5/10/2016 Compensation Bulvova
113-LOBs Package 19 (02/17/2017) What are typical payouts for leave when people separate from County employment? 5/10/2016 Compensation Cook
114-LOBs Package 19
Provide a list of County training contracts. 3/29/2016 HR Herrity
115-LOBs Package 20
Describe the discretion County agencies have in their operating budgets? 3/8/2017 DMB Smyth
116-LOBS Package 21 (06/05/2017)  Provide five years of data on the Department of Human Resources cost per hire. 3/29/2016 HR Herrity



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