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Foster Family News - A Staff Tribute to All Foster Parents

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Foster Parents are an essential part of the team that works together for the well-being of children in need of a home and family to care for them. Our Foster Care & Adoption staff have so many words of encouragement and support to share in honor of these fantastically selfless folks. Join us in celebrating their commitment to children.

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“I just want to thank all of YOU, our WONDERFUL and BLESSED foster parents, for all you do every day for the children we place in your physical care. It takes a special person and family to bring a child in your home that you may not know; to support, teach, and love them as your own. Please know that you are APPRECIATED, although we do not tell you as much as we should! Although we are so sorry that we can’t celebrate you in person this year; please know WE ARE CELEBRATING YOU, your families and the GIFT you give to the children in your home. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” -Kamonya Omatete, Foster Care and Adoption Program Manager

“Thank you for choosing to make a difference in the lives of our youth. You are greatly APPRECIATED for your selfless kindness in difficult times.”

“I would like to give Kudos to our foster families for doing outstanding work transitioning children into their homes.”

“Thank you so much for everything you do! We can’t do this without you!” -Rebecca Flores-Jimenez, Administrative Assistant IV

“Foster parents are safety nets for foster children. The work you do, day in and day out is beyond words. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with such giving people and hope you know how appreciated you are!!! Thank You For Being On The Child Welfare Team!!”

“Dear Foster Parents: Thank you for all you do to care for the foster children in your homes! Your role as essential workers is vital to all we do in FC&A. Foster parenting is HARD! Please know how much we appreciate you and the sacrifices you make every day to ensure that our children are loved and cared for while they are separated from their birth families. YOU ALL ROCK!!!!”

Thank You from Penny Talley

“Thank you to all of our wonderful foster families! Your job is not without its challenges, but I am constantly amazed by your patience and willingness to help. I truly admire your dedication to vulnerable children. We could not do our jobs without you. Please know how much you are appreciated by all of us at DFS!”

“Thank you for stepping forward and serving as foster parents. The connection that you provide our children at such a vulnerable time in their lives is priceless. We couldn’t do our work without each and every one of you! Thank you!” -Julie Bowman, Adoption and Kinship Assistance Supervisor

“Your families are such a blessing not only to our children but also our team. Thank you so much for your kind hearts and open homes. We will do our best to support you as you love and care for our children and families.”

“I would like to thank one foster family for the wonderful work that they are doing with a baby. They’ve had her since birth and have welcomed her into their family of six. They are very responsive and courteous to the birth family, providers and DFS staff. They are wonderful foster parents, they are open, honest and people of integrity. They understand the foster care process and although they have expressed an interest in adoption-they fully understand and support the charge of family reunification. They work collectively with the Dept. towards permanency. They have been great to work with.”

“I want to celebrate you and all the hard work you do for the children that come into your homes. Thank you for showing these children what love, devotion, and patience look like and helping them feel safe!” -Kristina Jordan, Administrative Assistant IV

“Thank you for your support of our children and youth and their birth families, especially during the present time. Your commitment to providing a loving, nurturing home is appreciated, as is your flexibility and adaptability! You are a valuable team member!”

Thank You from anonymous

“Thank you so much to all of our wonderful foster families who have been willing to step up during this pandemic and open their homes to children in need of foster care placement. Also, many thanks to those families who have been willing to help out with respite care and child care for our families who still have to go to work each day during this crisis. We could not do it without you, and we appreciate all of you so very much!! Thank you all!”

“It takes a very special individual to be a foster parent. I could not do what you do! Your care and commitment are incredible, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with you all. Please know that you are appreciated today and every day!” -Amanda Macaulay, Resource & Support Supervisor

“A huge thank you to each and every foster parent for all that you do in caring for the children, supporting families and being our partners in this work. I have learned so much from all foster parents that I have had the pleasure to work with. I am in awe of the sacrifices, compassion and love you each bring to your role as foster parents. We appreciate all the additional ways you support the work we do as well!! A shout out to all the foster/adoptive parent co-trainers, panelists and thinking partners! You bring your knowledge and expertise to help others learn from your past experiences. We could not do all that we do on our end without your support and partnership. Please know how much we value all of you!!”

“Thank you all so much for your support. We appreciate all that you do and your commitment to the children in foster care.”

“Thank you for your work with the children and turning your homes and lives into safe havens for our children and youth. You have taken on the role of a counselor, a coach, a tutor, a friend and a role model to them. Most of all, thank you for being one of the most significant, lifelong influences in the lives of our children and youths.”

“Thanks for supporting and uplifting the children and families. You are making a difference that will last a lifetime.”

Thank You from Matt Copsey

“We appreciate and thank you for all that you do. You are helping children have a happier, more successful future. We know it takes a lot to be a Foster Parent. You show courage, patience and selflessness. Thank you for always being willing to go above and beyond!” -Maggie Moreland, Permanency and Life Skills Supervisor

“Thank you for doing an amazing job keeping a very active 10-year-old focused on his academics by making games into educational activities. He also makes sure that his birth parents remain actively engaged and texts with them on a regular basis to ensure that they remain involved and informed. The foster parent has also supported and allowed the child to continue with home visits to his parents’ home during the COVID 19 pandemic. This family is where they are because bridging the gap has been consistently supported.”

“We don’t say thank you enough for all of the work that you do!!! You are making huge differences in the lives of children in foster care! We couldn’t do our work without you!”

“Parenting is hard; foster parenting is harder. And foster parenting during a pandemic is the hardest! We appreciate everything you do and wish we could be celebrating your strength, caring, and perseverance in person. You truly deserve for every month to be Foster Parent Appreciation Month!” -Jessica Johnson, Foster Care Supervisor & the Reston Foster Care Unit

“Thank you foster parents for doing an amazing job of keeping two little active boys, ages 5 and 11 years, focused, busy and entertained! They have been creative will continuing to ensure that the boys are engaged in their education despite the glitches with Fairfax County Public Schools. They have remained consistent rocks for these little ones, and the boys are happy and busy every day!”

“Thank you to one of our foster families for the love and nurturing you provided to a 3-year-old child and your commitment to the goal of reunification. This child was successfully placed on a trial home placement with his dad during this uncertain time. The foster family remains a major support to this child and continue daily contact via FaceTime. This little boy continues to be emotionally supported by his foster parents, and this is critical to his continued emotional well-being. Once face-to-face contact is permitted, we will ensure that a visit occurs. The birth family is so appreciative of what the foster family has provided for their child and want them to remain a part of the child’s life.”

Thank You from Chander "Steve" Saigal

“Thank you foster parents for ensuring that the infant that has been placed with them since birth remains connected his parents and participates in at least three ZOOM calls per week. This is despite having four other children in the home who need education and attention. The birth parents have expressed their sincere gratefulness for the care and love that the foster parents have given their child while in foster care. They are doing an amazing job!”

“You make the lives of children and families better by giving them the gifts of hope, love, care, tenderness, understanding, time, patience, selflessness and compassion. Our society is better off because you give the gift of ‘you’.” -Dana Trower, Resource & Support Supervisor

“Thank you SO very much for the amazing work you do every day for our children in foster care! Your job is not without its challenges and we recognize the care, compassion and selflessness that you put into it. You are making a difference every day in the lives of vulnerable children. We truly appreciate you being part of the team. Thank you for everything that you do!”

“You are amazing, and we greatly appreciate everything you do for the children/youth in Fairfax County.” -Michelle Cover, Adoption Supervisor

“Thank YOU for having the courage to be vulnerable to help a child. YOU leave your heart wide open so that the children can feel the power of your care and protection. YOU demonstrate an enduring commitment during those times when you could have easily said no. YOU put your own emotions to the side so that the child that you have come to love can experience the healing joy of safely reuniting with their family. YOU endure the challenges of coparenting with many other people for the benefit of the child. YOU plant seeds with your sacrifices that have a lasting impact, whether it’s a day, a year or a lifetime. Without YOU, where would we be?" -Sheila Donaldson, Foster Care and Adoption-Resource & Support Program Manager

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