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Health Care Advisory Board Procedures

  1. Membership
    The Health Care Advisory Board (HCAB) is appointed by the Board of Supervisors. There are eleven members of the HCAB. Members represent each supervisory district and there are two at-large members appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. The at-large members are required to be health care providers and have traditionally been physicians.

    The HCAB chairperson and two vice-chairs are elected by the members for two year terms beginning July 1.

  2. Compensation
    Compensation for the HCAB was eliminated in FY 1997. The only Fairfax County boards, authorities or commissions which receive compensation are those mandated by state or federal regulations.
  3. Time and Place of Meetings
    The regular monthly meeting of the HCAB is the second Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m., although meeting schedules can be subject to change. Every attempt is made to adhere to the regularly scheduled meeting; however, extra meetings sometimes are required or regular meeting dates may fall on observed holidays. When this is the case, staff will poll the membership in writing or by phone offering alternative meeting dates. Meeting dates will be selected to accommodate the most HCAB members.

    Meetings are generally held in the Fairfax County Government Center, unless otherwise specified. Special arrangements are made periodically to meet at local health facilities, with a tour arranged.

  4. Meeting Notices, Background Materials and Agenda
    A meeting notice, agenda and background materials are sent to HCAB members during the week prior to the meeting. The agenda is set/approved by the Chair in discussion with staff prior to the meeting. Any member of the HCAB may add to the agenda either by notifying staff in advance or by request at the meeting.

    Minutes of HCAB meetings are prepared by staff and approved by the HCAB.

  5. Parliamentary Meeting Procedure
    Health Care Advisory Board meetings follow "Robert's Rules of Order" as much as possible. Meetings generally are informal; however, discussions of issues, etc., are orderly with all members being given the opportunity to speak and ask questions prior to action of the Board. Members are recognized by the Chair.
  6. HCAB Reports
    Generally, HCAB reports are addressed to the Board of Supervisors directly, or are accompanied by a transmittal to the Board of Supervisors. HCAB reports, recommendations and positions are presented to the Board in the Board Package and/or in memo form from the HCAB Chair.
    1. Majority Reports
      HCAB staff is responsible for developing written reports using the specific rationale presented by the HCAB. When possible, HCAB reports will be circulated in draft to members for corrections. When time does not permit this, either members will be polled by telephone or the chair/vice-chair will approve the wording.
    2. Minority Reports
      In the case of substantive difference of opinion, HCAB members who vote in the minority may develop a minority report. The intention of developing a minority report should be indicated preferably at the time of the meeting, but if later, then by telephone. Minority reports must be identified by author and must be forwarded together with the majority report to the HCAB as well as the body for whom it is intended as soon as possible. Although staff is not required to prepare minority reports, some assistance may be provided.
    3. Testimony before the Board of Supervisors or other groups
      Health Care Advisory Board testimony will be presented by the chair or, in his or her absence, by the vice chair or a designated member.
  7. HCAB Relationships With Other Groups and Individuals
    1. Board of Supervisors:
      HCAB reports and recommendations will be presented in the Board package or by memo from the HCAB chair. The chair will represent the HCAB, except for the case of minority reports which will be handled as indicated above. HCAB members are encouraged to communicate with their appointing Supervisor.
    2. Other boards and agencies:
      HCAB staff will make working contacts with other boards and agencies. Presentation of HCAB views or testimony will be handled as with the Board of Supervisors.
    3. HCAB staff:
      Any member of the HCAB may contact the HCAB staff.
    4. Press:
      Any member of the HCAB may speak to the press if contacted. However, the structure on majority and minority views applies; the majority view must be presented by a member who voted with the majority, and the minority view may only be presented by a member who voted with the minority.
  8. HCAB Staff
    The County Health Planner(s), administratively part of the County Health Department, provides staff support, technical assistance and coordination to the HCAB. This position has a variety of other duties, but support to the HCAB is among the top priority. Staff generally provides background materials, reports, studies, etc. to the HCAB and, as appropriate, recommendations. Staff prepares written work of the HCAB, following specified language, findings and conclusions detailed by the HCAB at meetings. Staff is available to all HCAB members.
  9. HCAB Committees
    The HCAB maintains committees as needed. Generally, committees consist of two to three HCAB members and may include interested citizens and service providers. Committees may be ad hoc or standing, depending on their function and need. Meetings are held as necessary, with the committee's chair reporting to the full HCAB. Staff support is provided to all committees. Generally at any given time, there are up to three committees. Over the years, HCAB committees have included:
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Hospital Budget
    • Needs and Services
    • Nursing Homes- Primary Care, HIV Committee
    • Executive Committee (Chair and Vice-Chairs)

    Currently, the HCAB committees are:

    • Executive Committee
    • Budget Committee (a committee of the whole)
    • Affordable Health Care Community Advisory Committee
    • Communicable Disease Committee
    • Environmental Health Committee
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