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Animal Exhibits

Young child feeds a rabbitAnimals are a wonderful attraction for any event and provide a valuable enrichment experience for event attendees. In our joint effort to protect the health of the public and your animals, please follow these recommendations: 

  1. Be sure all mammals have current rabies vaccinations (mammals are fur-bearing animals such as horses, cattle, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.).
  2. Place hand washing stations with signage directly at exit of animal exhibit. See Educational Packet Materials below.
  3. Make hand sanitizer readily available as well.
  4. Do not offer young animals for interaction with the public because of increased risk of disease transmission from:
    • Young poultry (< 8 weeks of age)
    • Pre-weaned livestock
    • Unvaccinated companion animals (such as kittens, puppies and young ferrets).
  5. Ensure animal areas are set-up far away from human eating areas.
  6. Report all animal bites and scratches that break the skin using this link or by calling Fairfax County Animal Protection Police at 703-691-2131. Please note: the health of the animal is verified, as well as the treatment of the person. No punitive action is taken.

No permitting or inspections are needed for the animals from the Health Department. Please follow all applicable USDA and VDACS regulations.

Please contact the Acute Communicable and Emerging Disease team at or 703-246-2433 with any questions or concerns.

Educational Packet Materials

The following materials are available to help inform the public about how to stay safe around animals. You may also email the Acute Communicable and Emerging Disease team at  to request a public health educational packet that includes laminated signs for use at the animal exhibit(s).

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