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RPA & Floodplain Review for Minor Additions

buffer limits

Minor residential additions can be reviewed and approved for construction in a Resource Protection Area (RPA) per County Code 118-5-5 (A) and 118-5-5 (B), provided these conditions are met:

  • Dwelling was built prior to the establishment of the RPA (before Jul. 1, 1993, or Nov. 18, 2003, depending on the RPA mapping designation);

  • Addition is attached to the primary structure;

  • Results in a cumulative total of less than 1,000 square feet, or 2% of the total lot area up to a maximum of 2,500 square feet, of impervious area within the RPA, whichever amount is greater;

  • If the associated land disturbance for the project is less than 2,500 square feet, use the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance Resource Protection Area (RPA) Exemption/Exception Request Form and refer to the Submission Process below. If the total proposed disturbance exceeds 2,500 square feet and requires a grading plan, use the form for further review by the Site Development and Inspection Division; and,

  • If the proposed addition is located within 15 feet of a floodplain boundary (or for decks, within the floodplain boundary), a separate Floodplain Use Determination (FPUD) is required. See below Submission Process for further details.

Submission Process

Please follow the instructions below to submit a Waiver for a Resource Protection Area (WRPA) Application for Facilitation and Addressing Center’s (FAC) review in Planning Land Use System (PLUS).

Please note, if it has been determined that a Floodplain Use Determination (FPUD) is required for the project then the FPUD must be approved before the WRPA can be approved. Site Development and Inspections Division (SDID) reviews and approves all FPUD submissions. FPUD reviews are a separate application submission than the WRPA Application. To begin the FPUD submission process please fill out the Floodplain Use Determination Request Form and submit it through PLUS under the “Site” Module Tab under “Studies” for processing and review. For questions regarding the form please contact

WRPA Application Submission Process:

  1. Fill out the appropriate WRPA Form for your project: Exception Request & WQIA-Minor Additions Form or Removal of Vegetation in a RPA Form
  2. Create the WRPA Application in PLUS under the “Site” Module Tab under “Waivers”
  3. Fill out the Location and People Tab
  4. Fill out the Application Detail Tab
    1. Project Name: Name your project
    2. Project Description: WRPA for FAC Review and description of work
    3. Waiver Type: Resource Protection Area (WRPA)
    4. Waiver of: County Code
    5. Code Reference: 118-3-3(D)
    6. Code Reference for Parent Plan: County Code – Chapter 104 Grading Plans
    7. Waiver Category: None
    8. Total Number of Lots: 1
  5. Review the Application Information on the Review Tab
  6. Click “Continue to Payment” on the Associated Forms Tab (no payment is required for this application)
  7. Receive the Receipt/Record Submittal (your WAIV Record Number has been created for tracking)
  8. Upload the completed applicable form(s) from Step #1 and a scaled plat under your Waiver Application (WAIV) in the Digital Plan Room. For more information on submitting plats please visit Submitting House Location Plats.
  9. Validate and Version your Plan Sheets
  10. Once the WRPA approval and FPUD approval (if applicable) are issued, resubmit your Building Permit (BLDR) Record in PLUS under “My Records” in your “Building” Module for Permit Application Center’s (PAC) review and approval
  11. PAC ( will review and approve the Site Review on your Building Permit Application.

For more information on RPAs to include forms, a RPA guidance map, and FAQS, see the county’s Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance Webpage.

Please contact for WRPA status inquires and for FPUD status inquires.


Contact for WRPA status inquiries.

Contact for FPUD status inquiries.

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