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Rules for Field Use


  1. Using grass fields during wet or inclement weather is prohibited. See Field Status Information.
  2. The scheduling of organized sport groups and organizations and the issuance of permits to those groups shall be in accord with the county's Field Allocation Policy. Permit holders shall have first rights for the use of the fields to which they have been assigned. A field not being utilized by a permit holder may be used by others, including the “walk-on" public.
    • No walk-on field use is permitted on Fairfax County Public School property during the school day.
  3. Groups of 20 or more, including spectators, are required to have a permit to use athletic fields in Fairfax County.
  4. Competitive recreation – golf, baseball, softball, basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, tennis and other active competitive sports -- is allowed only on the properly designated Fairfax County Park Authority or Public School athletic facilities during regular operating hours.
  5. Field closings for maintenance, safety or other reasons deemed appropriate for the management and protection of property shall be at the discretion of the property owner.
  6. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  7. Tobacco products and unauthorized sale/distribution of food products are not permitted on school grounds.
  8. Deposit all trash in designated trash and/or recycling receptacles.
  9. Field maintenance is prohibited without the prior approval of the property owner.
  10. No person shall carry or use hand saws, chain saws, axes, shovels, drills, wheelbarrows, or other tools which may cause damage to or aid in the removal of facility property without the express written permission of the property owner.
  11. In the interest of preservation and patron safety, only with the express written permission can patrons abandon or place personal objects on Park Authority property.
  12. Portable soccer goals, canopies, etc. must be properly anchored when in use and appropriately secured when not in use.
  13. For patron safety, only players, coaches, umpires and referees are allowed on athletic fields. All spectators, pets and others are to remain at least 15 feet from the boundary of the field, or outside a perimeter fence.
  14. Hitting, throwing or kicking balls into fences is not allowed.
  15. Golfing, pets or motorized vehicles are not allowed on fields.
  16. Climbing on the fences, backstops and goals is not allowed.
  17. Playgrounds -- Patrons must use age-appropriate playground equipment.


Please contact the Fairfax County Park Authority or Fairfax County Public Schools for specific information or questions about the rules governing the use of their athletic field facilities.

You may also contact the NCS on-call staff at 703-609-8870, TTY 711.

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