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Gymnasium Use Fees

Application Type Application Fee (all participants) Non-County Fee (additional) NCS Building Director Fee *

Custodial Fees
(Weekends Only)

(Weekends only)
One-Time Use $50.00 N/A $12.12 / hour $40.00 / scheduled hour Fees up to 1.5 hours ($60.00) additional time per day
Practice, Games, Leagues $5.50 / person $30.00 / person $12.12 / hour $40.00 / scheduled hour
Tournament $15.00 / team N/A $12.12 / hour $40.00 / scheduled hour plus second custodian scheduled half time

1 hour per day ($60.00)


High/Secondary Schools:

  • $160 / main gym
  • $100 / aux gym

Middle Schools:

  • $100 / main gym
  • $80/ aux gym

* NCS Building Director Fee: Fee applies unless the applicant uses a certified Volunteer Building Director. An NCS Staff Building Director and/or FCPS Faculty Supervisor may be required. A Faculty Supervisor, if required, will be assigned by FCPS and FCPS will invoice for the Faculty Supervisor at a rate determined by FCPS.

  • Clinics, Tournaments and Camps: Groups who want to run camps, clinics, or tournaments where spectators are charged admission must contact the Fairfax County Public Schools Community Use Office (571-423-2340) or the Fairfax County Park Authority (703-324-8516) to schedule use. Such groups will be subject to the corresponding policies and fees of the property owner.
  • Reciprocity Agreement for League Participation: Application and out-of-county fees may be waived when the team provides to the sponsoring county organization the equivalent of at least 50% of its use space in their "home" jurisdiction (not Fairfax County). For example, if an out-of-county team plays 10 games in a league sponsored by a Fairfax County organization, the application and out-of-county fees may be waived for that team if the team contributes to the Fairfax County organization at least 5 game slots in a comparable location in their "home" jurisdiction.

Custodial Fee Information

Custodial Fees - Regular Weekend Usage (or any time that a custodian is not normally scheduled):

  • Custodian rate: $40.00/hour*
  • Custodian Open/Close/Clean-up Fee (charged daily): $60.00
    • GROUPS ARE SCHEDULED A MINIMUM OF THREE HOUR TIME SLOTS. For weekend use, groups will be charged custodial fees for a minimum of 3 hours ($120.00) plus 1.5 hours ($60.00)  of open/close/clean-up costs. The amount charged to a group may be less if the open/close/clean-up fees are shared or if a group shares the 3 hour minimum time scheduled with another group.

Custodial Fees - Indoor Tournaments

  • Tournament Custodian rate: $40.00/hour*
  • Tournament Additional Custodial Support: A second custodian will be scheduled for half time for each tournament day.
  • Open/Close/Clean-up Fee (per day): $60.00 for open/close/general clean-up costs.
  • Tournament Clean-up Charge (Last day of tournament):
    • Elementary Schools: No tournaments permitted
    • Middle Schools - Main Gym: $100.00; Auxiliary Gym: $80.00
    • High/Secondary Schools - Main Gym: $160.00; Auxiliary Gym: $100.00

User is expected to clean up areas used on first day of tournament if activity is a two day.  Custodial personnel will be responsible for restrooms.


Please note:  An assigned facility may request a paid (NCS staff) Building Director to be present during the tournament.  Charge per NCS rate schedule is $12.12 per hour. In addition, an assigned facility may request an FCPS Faculty Supervisor to be present during the tournament.  A Faculty Supervisor will be assigned by FCPS and FCPS will invoice for the Faculty Supervisor at a rate determined by FCPS.


Wrestling Tournament Exception: Two custodians and a Faculty Supervisor may be assigned by the host school due to the nature of a wrestling tournament. NCS will coordinate proper personnel coverage with the host school.


Custodial Fee Subsidy Program

Certified Athletic Organizations (CAO's) operating during their primary season (as designated by the Gym Allocation Policy) are eligible to receive full or partial subsidies for custodial fees incurred as a result of weekend usage of FCPS gymnasiums. A group must meet all of the requirements and have all CAO documentation current and on file with NCS prior to the beginning of a priority scheduling season in order to receive custodial fee subsidies. Disbursement of custodial fee subsidies is dependent on the availability of sufficient funds, which includes funding supported by the Fairfax County annual budget.

Currently, all custodial fees incurred by CAO's for a primary season sport are subsidized. All tournament custodial fees are also subsidized for a tournament held by a CAO in their primary season.

Cancellation Policy

Groups are required to notify their scheduler if the group will not be using their scheduled space. If a group does not use their scheduled weekend space and fails to notify their scheduler in writing before noon on the Wednesday prior, the group will be responsible for the custodial fees incurred. A minimum of 3 hours plus the Open/Close/Clean-up Fees will be charged for no shows. Groups will not receive subsidies for custodial fees incurred as a result of a no show.

Custodial Fee Invoicing

Custodial fees are calculated at the end of each month. Groups will receive an invoice for custodial fees for regular weekend usage at the end of a scheduling season. Charges for no shows will also be invoiced at the end of a scheduling season. Payment will be due upon receipt.

Custodial fees for tournaments and one-time use permits will be invoiced at the end of the month that the tournament or one-time use occurred. Payment will be due upon receipt.


* Custodial costs are calculated based on the FCPS custodial overtime rate published in Notice 8420 - Community Use Fee Schedule.





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