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NCS Adopts Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports

The Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood & Community Services (NCS), along with the Fairfax County Athletic Council, is pleased to adopt the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports. Developed by the Aspen Institute Sports and Society Program, this is a new resource designed to ensure that all children have a right to a quality sports experience.

In a Board matter introduced on April 12, 2022, Chairman Jeffrey C. McKay of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors directed NCS to review and consider endorsement of the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports in alignment with the One Fairfax Policy. This policy states the county is committed to ensuring that every aspect of county functions and delivery of services to the community is not only fair but equitable.

“As a parent with children involved in multiple youth sports, I have seen first-hand the positive influence these programs have on kids, which is why I supported Fairfax County’s endorsement of the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports. This not only encourages the physical and mental wellness of our children, but furthers our One Fairfax commitment to being an equitable community that champions inclusion and opportunity for all,” said McKay.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented our community with an extraordinary set of challenges. However, this period has also provided the opportunity to reflect on what adds quality to each of our lives. For our children, sports were and continue to be a part of what brings them joy. When delivered well, sports participation is one of society’s best tools for addressing a range of larger challenges.

NCS Director Lloyd Tucker said, “The Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports is an important resource we will use to cultivate a shared culture where all youth have the opportunity to develop as people through sports. Empowering children’s rights is key to closing gaps in access to quality sports programs.”

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