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Virtual Center for Active Adults Art Gallery

Virtual Center for Active Adults logoThe artwork displayed on this page was created by participants of the arts and crafts classes offered on the Virtual Center for Active Adults. Led by Sharon Fishel from McLean Projects for the Arts, the Close at Hand class taught participants to enjoy things that are close at hand in their daily lives through observation, drawing and painting. Painting and Mixed Media Mondays, also taught by Fishel, encouraged creativity and the exploration of new media. The greeting cards displayed here were made during special sessions of Creative Corner. Led by Herndon Senior Center Director Ruth Junkin, participants created a variety of seasonal greeting cards with supplies furnished by the Junkin. 

If you participated in one of these classes and want your artwork added to the gallery, please email a photo of your artwork to

Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork
Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork
Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork
Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork
Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork
Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork
Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork Zoom Artwork
Photo showing a painting of an air balloon and the photo it based on Drawing of musical notes Artwork with calla lilies collage
Painting with collage elements of faces and moons Collage of fish and ocean life Collage about travel
Drawing of fall leaves with collage flowers Drawing of still life Drawing of strawberries and grass
Watercolor painting of a golf scene Watercolor stripes with collage leaf elements Mandela artwork
Metallic artwork of circles and leaves


Collage and watercolor artwork


Painting of leaves with collage elements


Abstract painting


Still life drawing with collage elements


Watercolor landscape painting


Watercolor painting of a butterfly and abstract shapes Painting and collage artwork of leaves and natural objects Pastel drawing of blue leaves and vines with wording "live the wind"
Colorful drawing of a cottage with collage flowers Abstract artwork with collage elements, painting and drawing Drawing of a green field with collage drawings of eggs
Black and white artwork depicting snowflakes using various media Colorful artwork that includes collaged drinking straws Colorful abstract artwork with flower elements
Collage artwork incorporating printed artwork, sheet music and other elements


Collage artwork incorporated drawn and painted elements and printed items


Bold abstract painting using solid black lines and fields of color


Abstract drawing using circles and symbols


Black and white watercolor painting of trees


Abstract watercolor painting in black and white


Abstract drawing of colorful circles


Landscape drawing incorporating color and pattern


Floral drawing the includes leaves and flowers



“I enjoy these sessions a lot, and like learning about the inspirational artists and seeing examples of their work. Thank you for making the time to bring some joy into our lives, especially during these trying times.” -Donna

Drawing and watercolor of a plant mandela drawing Artwork of a cactus in a pot Drawing of flowers in a vase
Still life in three views Painting of flowers and leaves in a vase Still life with collage flowers Painting with collage elements
Watercolor of a tree


Drawing of a tree and park bench


Collage of flowers, ribbons and patterned paper


Black and white textured abstract painting


Painting of a vase of sunflowers


Painting of a tree through a window


Abstract painting and collage called "Navigating in the Time of Covid" Painting of seashells
Acrylic painting of an iris in a vase Collage of flowers and other elements Colorful abstract drawing with collage elements Artwork depicting a flower in a vase and the night sky
Colorful artwork that incorporates collage and drawn elements


Fall themed collage that uses fall elements and animals


Watercolor painting of fall leaves in a palette of reds, oranges and golds


Monochromatic painting of flowers and grasses using a blues


Geometric artwork - color and sepia


Drawing with collage elements


Floral abstract mixed media with collage elements


Self portrait with a grid pattern



“This is a wonderful course! Just watching your process got the artistic juices flowing, and I saw nothing has to be perfect!  I found during the week I was more attuned to noticing things and colors in the environment, and more creatively inclined.” - Anne

Watercolor painting with leaf collage elements Watercolor of fish with collage elements Still life painting of plants and a shoe
Artwork depicting a pumpkin using collage color paper Still life drawing of vegetables on a plate Still life drawing of fruit in a bowl
Watercolor painting of bell peppers Still life of fruit in a bowl Drawing and collage using flower petals and greenery
Abstract watercolor painting


Abstract painting


Collage of leaves and torn paper


Abstract art with circles and flowers


Abstract artwork of handprint and painted elements


Still life drawing of vegetables


Still life of fruit and vegetables


Colorful abstract painting


Still life painting of fruit, branches and leaves


Painting titled "Fish in Pond" Abstract painting and collage titled "Kaleidoscope of Spring" Colorful abstract painting titled "Pearls Navigating Through Colored Water."
Painting of pink water lilies and green lily pads Drawing and collage of fish Painting of globe shape with collaged figures and other elements

Collage and painting depicting tulips.


Collage of drawn hands and other elements Abstract painting in black and white with collage elements


Black and white watercolor painting of trees


Artwork of a wide range of colorful pumpkins


Black and white watercolor painting of trees


Floral painting in black and white


Painting and collage of circular elements and flowers


Abstract painting with collage elements in pinks


Mixed media artwork including drawing and collage


Colorful abstract artwork incorporating drawing and stencil




"Love the virtual art class taught by Sharon Fishel. She is great and very encouraging, informative and innovative in her Zoom classes. I have thoroughly enjoyed her art classes and they have introduced me to a new form of art using colored paper, other designs and different forms incorporated into my artwork. She is great in helping the student be open to what they like to do in expressing themselves in a creative way. The class is also very relaxing, upbeat and brings me much happiness. So glad Sharon is available to do these classes for us. Thanks to her and the county for providing this unique experience at this time." -Jule Ann

Drawing of a rabbit wreath Drawing and collage using natural elements Still life with collage elements Collage landscape in blues and purples
Painting of yellow flowers in a vase Artwork with collage butterflies and flowers Collage and painting of a vase of flowers Painting of butterflies
Portrait created using drawing and collage materials


Black and white still life drawing


Drawing with collage elements from nature


Abstract black and white charcoal drawing


Painting titled "Love Cup" depicting a cup with heart and flowers Pencil drawing of an iris in a vase Drawing of purple tulips in a clay pot Drawing and painting of a pot with plants, leaves and butterflies
Painting of a vase of flowers with swimming fish collage elements Blue painting of queen anne's lace  Watercolor painting of flowers


Painting of a flower up close


Abstract artwork with collage elements


Abstract painting of a feather in black and white



Greeting Cards

Greeting card featuring an intricate cut paper tree


Autumn Blessing greeting card with paper cutout leaves


Thanksgiving greeting card with a cut paper leaf design


Thank you!

Special thanks to Sharon Fishel for leading the Close at Hand and Painting and Mixed Media Mondays art classes on the Virtual Center for Active Adults. 

Thank you to all the artists who contributed their artwork to this gallery page: Catherine A., Donna A., Jule Ann C., Peg B., Lucy F, Peggy K., Ann M., Elizabeth M., Phyllis M., Dale N., C.W. and Carol Z.S.

Fairfax Virtual Assistant