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Current Family Child Care Providers

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Renewing Your Family Child Care Permit

Once you receive your family child care permit, you must renew it every year.

  • Three months prior to your permit expiration date, you will receive a yellow reminder postcard in the mail. Please complete the top portion of the yellow reminder card and mail it to the Office for Children with your $14 processing fee. There is a $50 charge for any check returned for insufficient funds or closed account.
  • Two months prior to permit expiration, you will receive a notice in the mail from the Fairfax County Fire Prevention Division to schedule a home inspection.
  • Two months prior to permit expiration, your child care specialist will call to schedule your annual home visit. Please have the following ready for review:
    • Sick child policy.
    • Written emergency plan, supplies, shelter-in-place and fire drill record.
    • Up-to-date immunization records and, if pets are in the home, rabies records.
    • Current CPR/first aid Certification.
    • Current TB test records for each adult household resident.
    • Any new adults in the household must submit a Criminal History Background Check form, a Sworn Statement or Affirmation Form, a Child Protective Services Central Registry Release of Information Form, and documentation of the results of a current TB screening.
    • Proof of attendance at a minimum of 16 hours of professional development, such as certificates or other documentation.

Additional requirements:

  • Criminal History Records Background Check and Child Protective Services Central Registry Search are required every five years for applicable residents in the household.
  • Sworn disclosure of barrier crimes is renewed for every adult resident.
  • If you have a child who turned 14 years old, or have a new child 14-17 years old who has moved into your residence, they must submit a Child Protective Services Central Registry Release of Information Form.

Here are additional forms you will need to renew your family child care provider permit in Fairfax County.

Strengthening Your Child Care Business

There are many resources available to help family child care providers strengthen their businesses. The Office for Children and The Women’s Business Center offer courses to help you establish and grow a more successful family child care program with greater benefits for you and the children and families in your family child care program. You can strengthen your business by:

  • Learning more about the business of family childcare by enrolling in the professional development opportunities offered through Community Education and Providers Services. Register for CEPS training.
  • Lowering your cost of operations by enrolling in the USDA Adult and Child Care Food Program through which you may receive reimbursement for some of the healthy meals and snacks served to children in your care.
  • Increasing the number of children you serve, by working with children and families registered with Head Start or the Child Care Assistance and Referral Program.(Current law limits the number of non-resident children served in a permitted family child care home to four and in a Virginia state-licensed family child care program to 12.)
  • Increasing your knowledge and understanding of family child care resources by supplementing your professional development with participation and membership in child care associations. These groups provide the opportunity to learn from other child care professionals, share ideas, find mentors and additional support. View the list of Family Child Care Associations.
  • Creating a business plan for your small business. Developing a plan to help you operate your small business and investing the time and resources needed to implement your plan can be important in ensuring your success. The Women’s Business Center is a great resource to help you develop a business plan that is right for you.
  • Improving the marketing of your family child care business is an essential component of any successful business plan. The first step in marketing your business takes place as soon as you receive your permit. At that time, you will be included in our online, searchable database of child care providers and programs. For more information and support in marketing your business, you may call your child care specialist or contact the Women’s Business Center. Learn more about additional marketing tips

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