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Maintenance and Stormwater Mgmt

Maintenance Contractors

Stormwater runoff is water from rain or melting snow that flows over the ground. Land in a natural condition soaks up the water. In areas with buildings, roads and parking lots, the water flows over these impervious surfaces and into storm drains. In Fairfax County, storm drains lead to streams, not to a wastewater treatment facility. Anything that goes down a storm drain goes directly to the nearest stream, and eventually to the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. Stormwater Management Facilities (SWM) and Best Management Practices (BMPs) help manage the impact of stormwater runoff by reducing stormwater pollution and flooding related to stormwater runoff. To ensure that these facilities perform at optimal efficiency, they need to function at their full design capability.

In order to provide information on the county’s stormwater management program, common facility maintenance issues and common remedies, Fairfax County has designed a free Stormwater Facility Maintenance Awareness Training Program for stormwater facility maintenance contractors.

Stormwater Facility Maintenance Awareness Training Program

Last Revised 2021

To increase availability for interested contractors, Fairfax County will now be delivering the Contractor Awareness Training virtually. Instead of the one-day training offered in previous years, this year's training will be offered in 6 different online modules each lasting approximately 1 hour. 

Hear Karlee Copeland discuss one contractor's training class, stormwater facilities and the Maintenance and Stormwater Management Division

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