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Craig Carinci
Director, Stormwater Planning

Piney Run Tributary at Lamplighter Way

Project Number: SD-000031-252

Project Update: June 5, 2023

The County obtained the required land rights to move ahead with the design of the project. The 65% design plans are scheduled to be delivered in September 2023 and a community meeting will be scheduled after the plans are received.

Piney Run Tributary at Lamplighter Way
The existing conditions of Piney Run Tributary at Lamplighter Way. Fairfax County photo.

Project Background

This project was identified in the Difficult Run Watershed Management Plan for stream restoration and stabilization activities and was nominated by the Reston Association. It was placed in the county's Fiscal Year 2020 work plan due to severe erosion and exposed sanitary sewer lines.

Project Description

The project will restore about 1,200 linear feet of natural stream channel. The stream channel exhibits severely eroded and over-widened banks, and there is the potential for further bed and bank instability. Two sanitary sewer lines have been exposed by the erosion. This project is part of larger efforts to restore many of Fairfax County’s degraded streams while improving overall water quality and the condition of the Chesapeake Bay.

The primary goals of the restoration are:

  • Stabilize the channel and prevent future erosion and degradation along the stream.
  • Improve water quality through the removal of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) and sediment.
  • Create a healthy ecosystem by restoring the channel and installing native trees and herbaceous plants.
  • Protect the sanitary sewer infrastructure.

Project Location

The project is located on Reston Association Property between Lamplighter Way and Woodbrook Lane and extends downstream to the Piney Run stream.

map - Lamplighter project
The project area is shown in blue.


Project Phase

The project is in the design phase.  The concept plan was submitted in November 2021.  The county is working to obtain the necessary easements before moving forward with the next design phase.

Project Benefits

The environmental benefits of the project are:

  • Improved watershed conditions.
  • Reduced downstream impacts by controlling velocity, reducing erosion and protecting infrastructure.
  • Improved vegetative buffer quality.


Design is scheduled to be completed in Winter 2023.  Construction activity is expected to begin in Spring 2024.

What to Expect

Community meeting will be held after the 65% design submission has been received in September 2023.

Project Cost and Funding Source

Design of the Piney Run Tributary at Lamplighter Way stream restoration project is funded for $464,000. Construction funding is dependent upon future budget availability and allocations. Stormwater projects are funded through the county Stormwater Service District.

Presentations to the Community

Piney Run Tributary at Lamplighter Way - July 28, 2022


For more information email Project Manager Shannon Bell, Stormwater Planning Division, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, or call 703-324-5802, TTY 711.

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