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Shahram Mohsenin,
Director, Wastewater Planning & Monitoring

Sewer Charges

Billing policies and sewer charges are established by the Board of Supervisors as prescribed by Article 10, Chapter 67.1 of the County Code. Charges and code language are reviewed annually by county staff as part of the county’s annual strategic planning and budgeting process and revised as necessary. Following are specific billing practices:

A Sewer Base Charge, for all customers, became effective with the billing period beginning July 1, 2009. The base fee is to partially recover fixed expenses for billing, wastewater collection, engineering, planning and administration.


Residential customers are billed for use of the sanitary sewer system based on water consumption during the current billing period or the preceding winter quarter billing period, whichever is lower. This prevents residential customers from being charged for sewer use on water used outdoors during the summer.

Residential customers who use the county’s sanitary sewer system, but obtain water from a well, are charged based on the number of persons residing in the home.


Commercial customers are billed for sewer use based on their actual water consumption. Some commercial customers use meters to separately measure water that does not drain to the sanitary sewer system, such as water used for irrigation or cooling systems. These metering arrangements do not benefit residential customers, whose winter quarter water consumption limits the amount of sewer usage billed in the summer months.

Commercial customers who use the county’s sanitary sewer system, but obtain water from a well, are charged based on the number of fixture units in the commercial building.

Sewer Charge Update at a Glance

  • In Fiscal Year 2021 the residential base charge stays the same as FY2020, $32.91 per quarter. The base charge for commercial customers will vary depending on the meter size, and the rate for different meter sizes stay the same as FY2020. The service volumetric rate also stays the same as FY2020.

  • County Executive Bryan Hill revised Fairfax County FY2021 budget which is drastically different from what he presented in February, prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic and the new FY2021 budget was adopted by the Board of Supervisor. The decision to maintain the sewers rate the same as FY2020 is to reflect the new budget.

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