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Sewer Charges FAQs

Sewer Charges Update at a Glance

  • In Fiscal Year 2021 the residential base charge stays the same as FY2020, $32.91 per quarter. The base charge for commercial customers will vary depending on the meter size, and the rate for different meter sizes stay the same as FY2020. The service volumetric rate also stays the same as FY2020.

  • County Executive Bryan Hill revised Fairfax County FY2021 budget which is drastically different from what he presented in February, prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic and the new FY2021 budget was adopted by the Board of Supervisor. The decision to maintain the sewers rate the same as FY2020 is to reflect the new budget.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors reviews sewer charges each year. Sewer service charges are billed and collected quarterly through two billing agents: Fairfax Water and Town of Vienna.

Charges are effective with services rendered beginning July 1, 2020.

The Base Charge is billed regardless of the amount of use a customer may have. Currently, residential customers with zero or low winter quarter use receive very small bills, because residential customers are billed for the entire year based on winter quarter use. For example, if a customer has zero winter quarter usage (they spend the winter elsewhere in a winter home) the customer only pays the current Base Charge of $32.91 per quarter for the entire year.

For Fiscal Year 2021, the residential Base Charge is $32.91 per quarter, the Base Charge for commercial customers will vary depending on the meter size. The larger the meter size, the higher the Base Charge. The current volumetric Service Charge of $7.28 per 1,000 gallons.

Both Base Charge and volumetric Service Charge stay the same due to the revised Fairfax County FY2021 budget after COVID-19 pandemic as aforementioned.

The size of the water meter will determine the Base Charge for commercial customers, as shown below

Many utilities have a fixed cost recovery charge, and the industry norms indicate that many more are moving towards a fixed cost recovery basis for similar reasons as the county. The following is a summary of quarterly fixed charges of our neighboring wastewater utilities.

It is anticipated that the rate increases will be necessary in the future when the COVID-19 Pandemic is over. However, the Board of Supervisors must approve any future rate increases.

To meet new environmental rules, the county will need to install new equipment and build new facilities. These items generate new operating and maintenance costs for the county. Also, the cost of electricity and chemicals used in treating wastewater will increase. The charge increases will be reviewed and adopted each year by the Board of Supervisors.

If you wish to express your opinion about the fee increase, please contact the Board of Supervisors. For more information about the FY 2021 budget, visit the county’s budget page.

More information about the fee can be found in the Wastewater Revenue Sufficiency and Rate Analysis report. Or, you can contact Wastewater Management at 703-324-5015, TTY 711.

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