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Drawer X

The Historic Records Center has a collection of loose records that have, over time and for various reasons, been separated from their original recordation groups. This collection is called “Drawer X,” and it is divided into two categories: Individuals and Subjects.

The collection contains deeds and other land records, wills and their associated paperwork, agreements, papers relating to court cases, manumissions, letters, bonds (including marriage, guardian and public officials’ bonds), commissions, certificates, bills of sale, powers of attorney, reports and other miscellaneous documents. The collection spans the years from 1739 to 1972.

A number of original deeds from our missing deed books are found in Drawer X, as are rare documents such as sheriffs’ commissions and bonds. Our most notable 18th century records found in Drawer X include:

  • a 1739 Northern Neck Grant from Thomas, Lord Fairfax, to John Colvill, signed by William Fairfax; 
  • Two deeds from 1774 Truro Parish vestry for pews in Pohick Church (signed by, among others, George Mason and George Washington); and
  • a 1752 attestation oath signed by various public officials – such as the vestrymen, sheriffs, attorneys, and justices—forswearing transubstantiation. Signatories include William Fairfax, George William Fairfax, John Carlyle, Charles Broadwater, and William Ramsay.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our other indexes, check Drawer X.

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