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Fiduciary Bonds

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The Historic Records Center holds fiduciary bonds from 1742 through the early 20th century; however, the collection is not complete. The bonds are recorded in ledgers which are kept in the Records Room.


When an individual acts as a trustee for another, the relationship is described as a fiduciary one. According to the Library of Virginia, the protection of inherited property was an important reason for the creation of court records. Administrators, executors, and guardians might be appointed in order to ensure property was distributed fairly and according to the wishes of the deceased. A bond ensuring proper performance of this duty was required.

Starting in the 1850s, the Fairfax Court bond books include not only administrator, executor, and guardian bonds, but also liquor, business, and public servants bonds – again, the bond was to ensure proper performance of these duties according to law.

The indexes below include information such as the name of the fiduciary (the bondholder), type of bond, the decedent, the securities, and the date the bond was issued.

Learn more about Guardianship/Fiduciary Records from the Library of Virginia.


The Historic Records Center holds one bond book specifically for the operation of ordinaries. In this index, you will find information such as the bondholder (ordinary operator), securities, and the date the bond was issued. The bonds do not include the location where the ordinary operated.


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