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Railroad Files, 1866 - 1927

This collection concerns the expansion of railroads in Fairfax County from just after the end of the Civil War to the late 1920s. The collection contains plats, judgments, condemnation files, and lawsuits from those who suffered injury or death as a result of the railroads. Please note that loose railroad files prior to 1866, and from the years 1859 – 1865 are considered lost.

Railroad Files, 1866-1927

Road Petitions, 1844 – 1908

This collection of records concern the development of roads in Fairfax County up to 1908. The collection contains petitions, orders, reports, and plats if they were filed with the petition. Please note that road petitions prior to 1844, and from the years 1859 – 1865 are considered lost. The index is in order of petitioner’s name.

Road Petitions, 1844-1908

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