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Newsletter – Found in the Archives

The Fairfax Circuit Court Historic Records Center’s (HRC) monthly newsletter, Found in the Archives, highlights interesting and unique documents held in our collection. Each month, we examine a set of documents and explain what they are and why the court has custody of them – there are many stories to be told! From time to time, we also provide updates on what’s happening in the HRC and information about HRC participation in local history events.

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Date Article Name Volume PDF
November 2023 Conservation Update No. 92 view
October 2023 Fairfax Registration of Free Negroes No. 91 view
September 2023 Road Records at the HRC No. 90 view
August 2023 Military Records at the HRC No. 89 view
July 2023 Pre-Revolutionary Records No. 88 view
June 2023 Women in the List of Voters Registered 1902-1920 No. 87 view
May 2023 Embellishments! No. 86 view
April 2023 The Willcoxon Family No. 85 view
March 2023 Gunnell vs. Gunnell No. 84 view
February 2023 Fairfax County Medical Registers No. 83 view
January 2023 Prohibition Petitions No. 82 view
December 2022 Conservation Update No. 81 view
November 2022 Common Criers in Fairfax County No. 80 view
October 2022 Ferries in Fairfax County No. 79 view
September 2022 Discovering the Enslaved People at Oak Hill No. 78 view
August 2022 Commonwealth vs Warner Peyton No. 77 view
July 2022 Revolutionary Period Records No. 76 view
June 2022 Coroner's Inquest, 1874 No. 75 view
May 2022 Courthouse Maintenance Records No. 74 view
April 2022 City of Fairfax’s Old Town Hall No. 73 view
March 2022 Irish Immigrants in Fairfax County No. 72 view
February 2022 Dog Tax Lists No. 71 view
January 2022 Conservation Update from the Historic Records Center No. 70 view
January 2021 Pandemic Projects No. 69 view
November 2020 Archival Enemies No. 68 view
October 2020 Coroner’s Inquests No. 67 view
September 2020 Prohibition 1914-1933 No. 66 view
August 2020 General Register of Voters, 1902-1903 No. 65 view
June 2020 The Meaning of Maps No. 64 view
May 2020 Orchards in Early Fairfax County No. 63 view
April 2020 Conservation Update from Historic Records No. 62 view
March 2020 E. L. S. Bouton No. 61 view
February 2020 Women and 'The Vote' No. 60 view
January 2020 Doodles and Drawings in the Court Records No. 59 view
December 2019 18th Century Ordinaries - Part II No. 58 view
November 2019 18th Century Ordinaries - Part I No. 57 view
October 2019 An Alexandrian Family No. 56 view
September 2019 Henry Woodhouse No. 55 view
August 2019 Poorhouse 1878 No. 54 view
July 2019 Store Inventories No. 53 view
June 2019 Railroad Disasters No. 52 view
April 2019 Commonwealth v. Henry and Poss No. 51 view
March 2019 Court Artifacts No. 50 view
January 2019 Women and the Colonial Court No. 49 view
December 2018 Church and State No. 48 view
November 2018 Newly Conserved Historic Court Records No. 47 view
October 2018 Fighting for Airspace No. 46 view
August 2018 Ponnet v. Southern Railway Co.: Environmental Pollution No. 45 view
June-July 2018 Evidence in the Vault No. 44 view
May 2018 Rum Smuggling in Post-Revolution Alexandria No. 43 view
April 2018 Dr. Thomas Triplett (1776-1865) No. 42 view
March 2018 Portraits of the Poor No. 41 view
February 2018 18th and 19th Century Overseers of the Poor No. 40 view
December 2017 Games and Entertainment in Early Fairfax County No. 39 view
November 2017 Fairfax County and the 1907 Jamestown Exposition No. 38 view
October 2017 Colonial Marriage No. 37 view
September 2017 Disease in Fairfax County No. 36 view
August 2017 Immigration Records at the Court No. 35 view
July 2017 Lucy B. Webb: A Fairfax County Teacher Ahead of Her Time No. 34 view
June 2017 Confederate Pension Applications at the HRC No. 33 view
May 2017 The Court and Public Events No. 32 view
April 2017 Honoring the Centennial of U.S. Entry Into World War I No. 31 view
March 2017 The Fairfax Family and the Columbian College in DC No. 30 view
February 2017 Dennis Comer: From Slavery to Freedom No. 29 view
January 2017 Smallpox in 19th Century Fairfax County No. 28 view
December 2016 Historic Records Center News No. 27 view
November 2016 Fowl Play: Turkey Theft in Fairfax County No. 26 view
October 2016 Prohibition in Fairfax County No. 25 view
September 2016 Proposal for Freedmen’s Bureau School at Fairfax Court House No. 24 view
August 2016 Spring 2015 CCRP Grant Records Returned No. 23 view
July 2016 Lost Court Records RETURNED! No. 22 view
June 2016 Noxious Animal Bounties and Sheep Claims No. 21 view
May 2016 Birth and Death Records at the Court No. 20 view
April 2016 Court Cases No. 19 view
March 2016 Research at the Historic Records Center No. 18 view
February 2016 Ordinaries and Taverns, Part II No. 17 view
January 2016 Ordinaries and Taverns No. 16 view
December 2015 The Courthouse Well No. 15 view
November 2015 Confederate Pension Applications at the Court No. 14 view
October 2015 Dueling in Fairfax County No. 13 view
September 2015 Fairfax Court Slavery Index Project No. 12 view
August 2015 Seeking Lost Fairfax Court Records No. 11 view
July 2015 Road Petitions No. 10 view
June 2015 Estrays in Fairfax County No. 09 view
May 2015 Apprenticeships in Colonial Fairfax County No. 08 view
April 2015 215th Anniversary - Court Sessions at Historic Fairfax Courthouse No. 07 view
March 2015 Irish Immigrants in Fairfax County No. 06 view
February 2015 Linking Records No. 05 view
January 2015 1804 Plat of Alexandria No. 04 view
December 2014 Broadsides at Fairfax County Courthouse No. 03 view
November 2014 World War I In Fairfax No. 02 view
October 2014 Preserving and Conserving the Court's Records No. 01 view

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