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Special Exception Review Criteria

The criteria below are used by the Health Care Advisory Board (HCAB) in reviewing zoning applications for medical care facilities. Not all criteria are relevant to every application:

1. Program description. Please provide a brief description of the proposed facility.

2. Demonstrated need for the proposed facility, in the location, at the time, and in the configuration proposed. Consideration should be given to the following:

  • Anticipated utilization of the proposed facility, including occupancy levels and target client group.
  • Availability of the proposed medical care service within the service area anticipated for the proposed facility.
  • Availability of alternative medical care delivery systems for the proposed target client group within the proposed service area.

4. Institutional need. What internal factors have led the applicant to conclude that there is a need to develop this facility? Is this an expansion of an existing service, or is the applicant venturing into a new service area? How does this development fit with the applicants organizational mission statement?

5. Medical/health justification, including a description of the proposed medical supervision and treatment plan for the proposed facility. Consider the impact the operation of the facility would have upon the proposed target client group.

6. Accessibility of the proposed facility. Consider the following:

  • Geographic accessibility. Is the facility accessible by major roadways and/or public transportation? Does the anticipated utilization pattern for the facility correspond to current medical care utilization patterns for the proposed service area?
  • Financial accessibility. Will the proposed facility be affordable to residents of the proposed service area? Is there a plan to provide some access to the facility for residents who would otherwise be unable to afford it?
  • Architectural accessibility. Are there accommodations to make the facility physically accessible to the proposed target population and to visitors?

7. Financial information to include:

  • How the project is being financed and the development costs.
  • The anticipated operating costs and expected income to be generated by the facility.
  • The anticipated rate structure to clients.

8. The proposed staffing levels and qualifications.

9. Is the applicant aware of local, state and federal anti-discrimination laws and how they apply to the proposed facility?

10. Does the proposed facility have or can it provide for a working relationship with a general hospital sufficiently close to ensure availability of a full range of diagnostic and treatment services?

11. Compliance with approved health plan(s) for the proposed services area (for projects requiring a Certificate of Public Need).


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