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Zoning Ordinance Procedures

Procedures for the Administration of the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance

Prior to Hearing Application

(1) Application is received by the Office of Zoning Administration and referred promptly to Health Care Advisory Board (HCAB) staff.

(2) The HCAB chair, as notified by staff, will determine whether the HCAB will review the application and if so, whether a Public Meeting is to be advertised and held or whether the HCAB will review written materials. If it is deemed that a public meeting with the applicant is not necessary, staff will compile relevant materials for HCAB review. If time or other constraints so dictate, the HCAB may appoint an executive committee consisting of the chairman and two members to review written materials and/or meet with the applicant or other parties and determine the HCAB's recommendation to the Board of Supervisors without returning this question to the full HCAB membership.

(3) In either case, HCAB staff will contact the applicant promptly and inform him of the interest of the HCAB in the application, the criteria by which it will be judged (see special exception review criteria) and specify needed information to be provided. The applicant can request a meeting with the HCAB if one is not planned.

(4) Notification of a public meeting will appear in the Weekly Agenda of the County and will also go to the following:

  • President, Federation of Citizens Associations
  • President, Fairfax County Medical Society
  • Chairman, Health Systems Agency
  • Director of Health
  • Other health care providers as appropriate

Hearing of the Application

(5) At the time of the hearing, the applicant shall be given 15 minutes to make a presentation, after which any other persons who desire to address the HCAB shall be given 5 minutes for a presentation of their views.

(6) The HCAB will inform the Board of Supervisors or the Board of Zoning Appeals, with a copy to the Planning Commission, of its decision of one of the following:
- Recommend approval
- Recommend denial
- Defer the decision to the following meeting
- Decide to make no recommendations

Reporting the Action of the HCAB

(7) As soon as possible after the meeting, HCAB staff shall transmit the HCAB's decision. If there has been a recommendation either for approval or denial, HCAB staff shall indicate those pieces of evidence which were the basis for the HCAB's action, outlining this information specifically in accordance with the criteria established by the ordinance.

(8) The HCAB staff will transmit this information to the Board of Supervisors or the Board of Zoning Appeals with a copy to the Planning Commission.

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