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JDC Mail and Telephone Policy


Residents are permitted to mail two personal letters per week at the Juvenile Detention Center's expense. For residents wishing to write additional letters, parents may provide their child with additional stamps.

  • All incoming mail must be received from the U.S. Postal Service or other professional delivery service.The program will not accept hand delivered mail.
  • All mail is screened by facility staff prior to delivery to resident.
  • Pictures included in mail may be viewed by residents; however, they will not be given directly to residents.


Residents are allowed four telephone calls per week. Two may be to parent(s)/guardian(s) and two may be to professionals (attorney/probation counselor etc.). Residents may earn additional phone calls though program incentives. All personal calls are dialed and monitored by program staff. Incoming phone calls from Parents are not permitted except in an emergency. If there is an emergency please contact the Shift Administrator on duty to speak to your child.

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