Juvenile Detention Center

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Fairfax, VA 22030
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JDC Frequently Asked Questions

The Juvenile Detention Center provides the services of two full-time Public Health Nurses, a consulting Pediatrician, a Psychologist, and a Mental Health Therapist from the Fairfax - Falls Church Community Services Board.

The program’s schedule consists of;  School, Indoor and Outdoor Recreation, Values Clarification Group Sessions, Alcohol/Drug education, Free-time, Movies, Guest Speakers, Social Activities, Bible Study & Religious Services (optional) and much more.

All of your child’s basic needs will be met while they are at JDC. Do not bring food or money as it will not be accepted.  If your child is on a prescription medication please ensure it is delivered to the facility in its original container.

Only parents or legal guardians can visit residents of the facility.  Siblings and extended family members are not permitted at weekly visitation.  Special family visits may be approved in advance in accordance with procedures. 

Legal professionals, school officials or religious clergy may visit at approved times and upon approval and in accordance with facility procedures.

The facility is a secure detention facility and therefore the individual rooms do remain secured for safety and security reasons.  Rooms are individual meaning one resident per room.  Each room has a mattress, blankets (sheets when permitted) and a toilet with sink.  Youth are allowed to have reading material in their rooms unless there is a security concern and after bedtime.  Rooms allow for privacy while allowing youth to communicate with staff if necessary.  During the day, during non-sleeping hours typically, residents are up with the rest of the population on the living unit or other locations in the facility under staff supervision.

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