Community Corrections Services

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What We Do

Provide probation and pre-trial supervision to adults in the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court who have been accused or convicted of committing offenses against a child, family, or household member.

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Probation officers monitor probationer’s activities, assess treatment and service needs, and tailor service plans to meet those needs using motivational interviewing.  Probation meetings occur at least once per month at the Fairfax Courthouse or at one of the Juvenile Probation field offices.

  • Offenders can be referred or court-ordered into treatment and services, such as:
    • domestic violence intervention programs
    • anger management
    • mental health
    • substance abuse
    • sex offender treatment
    • parenting class
  • Risk assessments called the MOST and OST (Modified Offender Screening Tool and Offender Screening Tool) are conducted on probationers
  • Violations may be filed if probationers are alleged to have violated probation rules

Pre-Trial Supervision Program

Pre-trial supervision services were expanded for cases under JDRDC jurisdiction, allowing offenders to remain in the community under supervision while awaiting trial.  The program provides support services, screening, and investigative information.

  • Pre-trial investigations are conducted by interviewing the defendant, the defendant’s family and community ties, financial resources, residence, history of employment, history of or current abuse of alcohol or controlled substance and criminal history. These investigations include the use of evidence-based assessment to identify the needs of the clients.
  • This information is used by the court to assist with making informed decisions in determining risk to public safety. 
  • These services run parallel with Fairfax County’s Diversion First initiative--offering alternatives to incarceration for individuals in contact with the criminal justice system for low level offenses and suffering from mental illness or developmental disabilities. The goal is to offer assessment, treatment and needed support while maintaining public safety.  Without pre-trial services, many offenders spend significant amounts of time in jail before trial and or sentencing.

Community Corrections Services?

JDRDC's adult probation unit gets its name from the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services; the agency that provides oversight and management of this program.

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