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The Beta Program, located at the JDC, is a year-long co-occurring program providing up to six months (secure placement) of on site treatment followed by a six-month aftercare component with services continuing in the community. The 11-bed program accommodates male offenders ages 14 - 17. It is a therapeutic program where residents are housed in a unit separated from the rest of the youth at JDC.  The program also provides the Court an alternative to committing youth to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Interventions are structured to address delinquency, behavioral/mental health, substance abuse and educational issues.  Some of these treatment areas may be anger management, developing positive coping skills, maintaining healthy relationships, and decision-making, moral reasoning, identifying and setting boundaries. Services include individual and group counseling, family therapy, psycho-education, and substance abuse treatment.  The Beta Program also utilizes the Parenting Education Program (PEP), Victim Impact Classes, and a creative art curriculum to address various delinquency issues.  Residents receive counseling, mental health, and substance abuse services during the program.   An on-site Fairfax County Public Alternative School addresses the educational needs of all youth.

To enter the program juveniles must be referred by a probation officer and must complete an admissions assessment/interview with Beta Program Administration to determine their appropriateness for placement prior to youth being Court ordered into the program.  Once a youth is admitted, the parent(s)/guardian(s) are provided with additional programming information.  The program does not accept youth who are psychotic or those requiring sex-offender treatment services.

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