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Fairfax County, Virginia


4110 Chain Bridge Road, Room 302
Fairfax, VA 22030

Kristi Smith,
Clerk of Court

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Court Calendar & Closings

The following is a list of closings and modifications to the courts docket

2021 Court Calendar and Closings

Date Event
January 1 Holiday – Court Closed
January 18 Holiday – Court Closed
February 15 Holiday – Court Closed
May 31 Holiday – Court Closed
June 18 Holiday – Court Closed
July 5 Holiday – Court Closed
August 22-25 Judicial Conference. Arraignments, Detention Hearings, Emergency Matters and Advisement Hearings Only.
September 6 Holiday – Court Closed
October 11 Holiday – Court Closed
November 2
Election Day - Court Closed
November 11 Holiday – Court Closed
November 24 Court Closes at 12:00 noon; Detention Hearings at 9:00am
November 25 Holiday – Court Closed
November 26 Holiday – Court Closed
December 23 Holiday – Court Closed
December 24 Holiday – Court Closed
December 31 Holiday – Court Closed

Please Note:  On the first Tuesday of Every Month there will be no Afternoon Docket.

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Inclement weather, emergencies or changes in the Court's operation:  The court rarely closes unless the weather is extremely hazardous or if emergencies arise that impact normal Court operation. When that occurs, local radio and television stations will be notified and requested to announce the closing. Important announcements are also posted on the County of Fairfax Web Page.

You may contact 703-246-SNOW (7669) for detailed closing information.

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