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Child Custody and Visitation

Parents, relatives and other interested parties can file petitions asking a judge to determine who will have Custody of a child and determine Visitation.  Visitation can be ordered for specific days and times or simply to permit reasonable and liberal visitation.  

  • NEW Custody and Visitation cases are generally filed in the county/state where the child has lived for the previous six months
    • Contact an Intake Officer in Domestic Relations or an attorney if you have questions about where to file
  • To file for Custody and/or Visitation, make an appointment with Domestic Relations at 703-246-3040

How to:

Common Types of Custody Arrangements:


  • makes decisions about the child, such as health care, religion, and education
  • may be shared by both parents or awarded solely to one parent or relative


  • where the child lives most of the time
  • one parent or relative has physical custody or the parents or may share joint physical custody


  • both parents share both legal and physical custody


Judges in Virginia Decide Child Custody Based on the Best Interests of the Child


Visitation Orders may cover specific days and times. This may include:

  • weekends, summers, holidays
  • where and when the visits will take place
  • who will transport the child to and from the visits
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