Supervised Visitation and Exchange

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Lori Wymore-Kirkland
Program Manager

Supervised Visitation & Exchange (Stronger Together)

Safe and supportive visitation and exchange services are provided to allow families the opportunity to build healthier relationships.  The program encourages opportunities that strengthen the parent-child bond while avoiding unnecessary stress, complicated adult conflicts, and safety issues. 

  • Designed as a temporary measure as families work toward a more permanent solution. 
  • Parents are provided with information and referrals to other services. 
  • Families must be ordered into the program by a Fairfax County Judge.
  • The program is structured so that parents have no contact before, during, or after visitation or exchanges.
  • Separate face-to-face Intakes are required for each parent before services can begin.
  • Interpreters and other special arrangements are available, upon request.   

Supervised Visitation

  • allows family members a time and place to visit with the child
  • offers activities and opportunities for families that encourage communication and bonding
  • monitored small group visitation provides a setting for several families at once
  • program staff are available for support during the visit
  • provides safety for the children without being intrusive
  • approximately 90 minutes long, evenings and weekends, by appointment only

Supervised Exchange

  • supervised exchange of children for offsite visitation with a noncustodial parent or family member
  • reduces conflict and stress while providing a safe exchange
  • allows children to be exchanged without any direct contact between the parents
  • if there is concern for the safety or well-being of the child during the exchange, the visit will be cancelled
  • By appointment only, based on staff availability


Supervised Visitation and Exchange: A Parent's Guide to Services

Collaboration between parents and staff is key to a successful visit

All decisions about service conditions:

  • are made AFTER the Intake and Orientation of both parents and the child
  • are made with staff (who follow all safety considerations), parental input, and current court-ordered requirements
  • must follow program procedures
  • may be updated to address safety or schedule concerns

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