Clerk's Office

Fairfax County, Virginia


4110 Chain Bridge Road, Room 302
Fairfax, VA 22030

Kristi Smith,
Clerk of Court

Department Resources

JDRDC Clerk's Office Forms

  • Calendar Control Notice
  • DC-581 - Can be used for:
    • Juvenile Civil appeal cases as listed on the form
    • Permanency Planning, which is not listed on form
  • DC-475 - Can be used for:
    • Civil appeal (Protective Order, Failure to Comply on child visitation/custody cases, Failure to Appear on a Civil Capias or Show Cause Rule)
  • DC-580 - Before submitting contact Post-Court, 703-246-2335, for Circuit Court Term/Trial dates.  Can be used for:
    • Adult and Juvenile Criminal appeals
    • Failure to Comply/Failure to appear on a Criminal Capias and Show Cause Rule cases
  • DC-602 - Can be used for:
    • Child Support appeal/Spousal Support appeal
    • Failure to Comply/Failure to Appear on a Capias and Show Cause Rule under Support cases.
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