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Kristi Smith
Clerk of Court

JDRDC Clerk's Office Forms

All Cases

  • DC-418 - Affidavit Default Judgment Servicemembers Civil Relief Act* 
  • L-221 - Attorney Appearance Praecipe (Notice)
  • L-222 - Calendar Control Notice
  • DC-371 - Motion and Notice of Hearing*
  • L-223 - Notice of Address Change
  • L-224 - Request for the assistance of an interpreter during a hearing
  • DC-325 - Request for a Witness Subpoena*
  • DC-336 - Subpoena Duces Tecum (for production of documents)*
  • DC-368 - Motion to Reopen /Motion to Rehear /Motion for New Trial*

Appeals to Circuit Court

   Notice of Appeal for:

  • DC-581 - Civil orders regarding abuse and neglect, child in need of services/supervision, custody, initial foster care review, foster care review, paternity, permanency planning cases, and termination of parental rights matters
  • DC-475 - Civil orders regarding protective orders, violations of visitation and custody orders, civil capias and civil rules to show cause 
  • DC-602 - Child/spousal support orders
  • DC-580 - Criminal orders that are a final order of the Court involving adult and juvenile defendants, including capias and criminal rules to show cause

Child/Spousal Support Forms

  • DC-413 - Certificate of Mailing when a party is served by posted service* 
  • DC-685 - Request to Register a Support Order of Another State in a Virginia Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court for Modification and/or Enforcement*

Criminal Forms 

  • L-225 - Motion for Bond (Adults)
  • L-226 - Motion for Detention Review (Juveniles)
  • L-232 - Discovery Order - Misdemeanor
  • L-233 - Discovery Order - Felony

Motions Forms

  • L-228 - Praecipe (Notice) for Wednesday Motion's Docket
  • L-231 - Emergency Motion

Protective Order Forms

  • DC-649 - Firearms Certification*


* - Indicates this link is for a State form and you will be directed away from the Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Website.

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