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Juvenile Traffic Violations

In Virginia, most traffic offenses are classified as "traffic infractions" rather than a criminal offenses because of the nature of most traffic violations.

  • Many traffic infractions can be prepaid.  In those cases, the court appearance can be waived; that is, the juvenile may choose to pay the fine and court costs in person or by mail prior to the court date and does not need to appear in court.
  • For more serious traffic infractions, the court appearance may not be waived and prepayment of a fine is not an option.
  • When appearing for a court hearing on a traffic infraction, a parent must attend the court hearing with the juvenile.

Prepayment of fines

How to prepay

  • To prepay a juvenile traffic violation, both the juvenile and parent must sign the waiver form. The parent's signature has to be notarized. Prepayments may be mailed or paid in person.
  • If mailing a prepayment, the payment must be received prior to the court date in order to be accepted as a prepayment. Timely delivery by mail is at the sender’s risk.
  • Payments can be made in person at the clerk’s office on the third floor of the Fairfax County Courthouse, JDRDC, 4110 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, Virginia, 22030. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Parking available in Parking Garage B.

Prepayment & Department of Motor Vehicles

  • A prepayment waives your right to a trial. If applicable, information about the conviction will be sent to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, who determines what sanctions will be taken against your privilege to drive. Such sanctions could include points against your license, or driver improvement class, or even suspension of your license. 
  • Note: If you have a non-Virginia driver’s license, HB97, chapter 493: provides that when the driver of any motor vehicle not licensed in Virginia, but who has a valid driver's license from another jurisdiction, is convicted in Virginia of a violation for which license suspension and issuance of a restricted license is authorized, the court may issue a restricted driving privilege in Virginia upon the same conditions as if the person held a valid Virginia license. One of those conditions is surrendering the OL in court or at the windows.

Some non-prepayable offenses - The following violations are not prepayable offenses:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Reckless driving
  • No operator’s license
  • Fail to pay full time and attention
  • Fail to keep vehicle under control
  • Drive on suspended operator's license
  • Curfew violations
  • Operate vehicle while texting
  • Passenger restriction violations
  • Unauthorized or non-permissible lights

Multiple violations arising out of same incident

  • If payment is for more than one violation arising out of the same incident, add only $16.00 to each additional violation.
  • Note: This fee is not collected for seatbelt violations or child restraint/safety belt violations.

Methods of payment and mailing address

  • Please make your check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Virginia and mail it to Fairfax County Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court, 4110 Chain Bridge Road, Room 304, Fairfax, VA 22030. You must include your signed and notarized summons to prepay a juvenile traffic offense.

Need assistance? 

  • If you should need further assistance you may contact the court at 703-246-3367.

Fines and Costs

  • The following table contains traffic ticket prepayment information:
33.1-46.2 Drive in HOV lane/1st offense $125/67 $192.00
46.2-104 Fail to carry license or registration - Send a copy of your Driver’s License or Registration along with payment per 46.2-104 $10/67 $77.00
46.2-600 Fail to obtain registration $25/67 $92.00
46.2-613 Expired Registration $25/67 $92.00
46.2-711 Failure to display license $25/67 $92.00
46.2-715 Improper display of license plate $25/67 $92.00
46.2-802 Fail to drive on right side of hwy $30/67 $97.00
46.2-803  Fail to keep right in crossing traffic intersection $30/67 $97.00
46.2-803 Fail to keep right by railroad ROW $30/67 $97.00
46.2-804(1)  Fail to drive at appropriate speed  $30/67 $97.00
46.2-804(1)  Slow moving traffic to keep right $30/67 $97.00
46.2-804(2)  Improper driving in center $30/67 $97.00
46.2-804(2)  Changing lane w/out ascertain safety $30/67 $97.00
46.2-804(3)  Improperly drive in center 3 lane hwy $30/67 $97.00
46.2-804(5)  Improper crossing solid line $30/67 $97.00
46.2-804(6) Improper crossing double solid line $30/67 $97.00
46.2-805 Enter or travel lane w/red signal $30/67 $97.00
46.2-806  One-way roadway wrong way  $30/67 $97.00
46.2-807 Fail to drive right of rotary traffic island $30/67 $97.00
46.2-816  Following to close $30/67 $97.00
46.2-820 Fail to yield right of way to vehicle on right when entering uncontrolled intersection $30/67 $97.00
46.2-822  Fail to yield right of way $30/67 $97.00
46.2-830 Fail to obey a highway sign $30/67 $97.00
46.2-833  Fail to obey a traffic light $100/67 $167.00
46.2-833.1 Evading traffic control device $50/67 $117.00
46.2-835 Make illegal right turn on red $50/67 $117.00
46.2-836 Make illegal left turn on red $50/67 $117.00
46.2-870 Speeding is $6.00 per mile over the limit:  Example: 65 miles in 55 mile per hour zone is 10 miles over (10 x 6 = $60.00 + $67.00 costs = $122.00)    
46.2-873  Speeding/School Crossing: $7 per mile over the limit plus $67 costs    
46.2-878.1  Speeding/Highway Work Zone: $7 per mile over the limit plus $67 costs    
46.2-878.2 Speeding/Residence District:  $8 per mile over the limit, plus $200.00** additional fine, plus $67 costs.
**Speeding 46.2.878.2 Residence-District Fine of $200 - For court trials, no portion shall be suspended unless the court orders 20 hours of community service.
46.2-1002  Unapproved equipment  $30/67 $97.00
46.2-1003 Defective equipment $30/67 $97.00
46.2-1157 Operate uninspected vehicle  $30/67 $97.00
46.2-1094(A) Fail to use seat belt by person 18 years of age or older  $25/NA $25.00
46.2-1095(A) Fail to ensure child under age 4 is properly secured in approved restraint device $50/NA $50.00
46.2-1095(B) Fail to ensure child 4 through 17 years of age is properly secured by safety belt $50/NA $50.00