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Divya Chadha
Volunteer and Intern Coordinator

Volunteers and Interns

Volunteers and Interns receive an orientation to the court and on-the-job training.  Volunteer positions require a minimum commitment of six months, or otherwise stated.  All applicants must:

  • be at least 21 years of age, unless otherwise stated.
  • successfully pass a criminal background check, including:  an FBI fingerprint check, Child Protective Services (CPS) Registry check, criminal and driving record checks, and personal reference checks. Experience working with juveniles is preferred for relevant positions.


Volunteer Positions

  • Administrative Assistant: Works with secretarial staff in various offices. Answer phones and refer calls; distribute reports, mail, and other documents; copy and collate documents for distribution.
  • Court Administrative Assistant: Assist court clerks with administrative duties related to Driver’s License ceremonies and in the financial office.
  • Interpreter: Facilitate communication between court staff and clients, primarily in domestic relations’ cases. One year commitment preferred.
  • Victim Services Aide: Assist crime victims of juvenile offenders, notify victims of pending court hearings, inform victims of their legal rights and provide emotional support. 
  • Research Assistant: Provide support for research, evaluation and statistical reporting to support court service programs for juveniles and adults; provide support on statistical analysis, customer satisfaction survey administration, and assist in the production of the agency annual report and other special projects.
  • Supervised Visitation and Exchange Program Assistant: Meet and wait with clients prior to visitation or exchange, escort children to and from the car and visitation room, monitor time and visitation with non-custodial parents, assist to ensure rules of visitation are followed.
  • Residential Program Services: Facilitation of group processes that provide meaningful activities and resources to promote pro-social, educational, emotional and spiritual growth, and healthy family relationships; thus, expanding services provided by staff.

Internship Positions

One and two semester internships are offered to students seeking six to 12 hours of academic credit or a minimum of 250 total hours per term. Internships vary in length depending on the university program requirements and court needs. Some internships may comprise more than one term.

Applications are accepted and interviews are scheduled during the following months for the corresponding terms:

To request an application, please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 703-246-3554.



  • Assist intake staff in filing petitions regarding custody, visitation, support, and family violence.
  • Prefer senior level undergraduate student majoring in Administration/Criminal Justice or pre-law.


  • Assist probation staff in providing supervision to adults convicted of misdemeanor offenses against children or family members. This may include learning the court process by attending a variety of court hearings including violation hearings, arraignments and trials. Learn the responsibilities of an adult probation officer which may include visiting adults in facilities, attending and participating in meetings and learning appropriate record keeping methods. Interview clients placed on probation, conduct investigations, assist in referring clients to appropriate resources and write reports.
  • Prefer senior level undergraduate student majoring in Administration/Criminal Justice or pre-law


  • Assist in providing supervision to youths placed on probation. This may include learning the court process by attending a variety of court hearings to include violation hearings, detention hearings and trials. Learn the responsibilities of a probation officer which may include visiting youths in facilities, attending and participating in professional meetings and learning appropriate record keeping methods. Interview juveniles placed on probation, conduct investigations, assist in referring clients to appropriate resources, formulate plans for supervision and write reports.
  • Minimum requirement: Junior level undergraduate student. Prefer two semester commitment but will consider one semester interns.


  • Under supervision of a counselor, supervise residents, including monitor and document behavior in the facility log. Accompany and interact with residents in various activities in the community. Observe and process individual, family and group resident counseling sessions with staff; process learning opportunities, experiences, and or obstacles.
  • Prefer two-semester, Master-level social work or counseling students. Under certain circumstances will consider undergraduate students and one-semester interns


  • Under direct supervision, monitors cases involving juvenile delinquents and assists in the rehabilitation of individuals. Reviews and obtains necessary signatures on rules of conduct, supervision plans, and confidentiality forms. Adheres to client and family contact standards, gathers information from parents, school officials, and other collateral contacts to provide appropriate case services. Prepares for detention hearings involving children not assigned to probation units by reviewing the Court’s files, interviewing defendants, parents, the complainant, and collecting all information relevant to statutory criteria for detention. Records daily case activity and maintains case files in accordance with DJJ standards.
  • Prefer undergraduate Administration/Criminal Justice students. Prefer two semester commitment; available at least 16 hours per week, preferably Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


  • Under direct supervision, provides emotional support to the victim and advocates on behalf of the victim to the Commonwealth Attorney, in cooperation with probation staff, to insure their rights to participate in offender’s sentencing. Provides advanced notice of court proceedings; prepares the victim for court. Assists in writing Victim Impact Statements and the filing of a Victim Statement for Financial Loss. Arranges victim/offender meetings. Provides resource referrals for counseling, medical or psychological services. Assists in obtaining compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund, notification of offender status, and enforcement of Restitution orders. Assists in obtaining payee and payment information for restitution cases.
  • Prefer graduate level Administration/Criminal Justice or social work students. Prefer two semester commitment.


  • Under direct supervision, assists in client intakes, visitations and exchanges of families involved in the program. Assists in modeling appropriate parenting, interaction and communication skills with children. Assists in linking clients to services based on client assessment. Documents supervised visits and exchanges as required by program. Documents and reports suspected child abuse per mandated requirements. Assists in completing and maintaining documentation in client files. Assists in gathering and reporting statistical information for future program planning and updating procedural manuals, parent information packets, etc. as needed.
  • Minimum requirement: Junior level undergraduate student. One or two semester commitment. Day, evening and weekend hours are required.
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