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Bill Hicks,

Site Application Center

If this is your first Fairfax County permit request related to site development, the steps below are supplemental to information you have already received via email by ProjectDox or Paws or from an LDS employee.

If you have not logged onto any LDS platforms and have questions about land disturbance activities on your property, please visit Land Disturbance 101.  Learn more about Site Development and Inspections.

Pre-Plan submission: You have already identified your plan type need and have had an engineer create site plans for your project. Here is how the rest of the process will work:

Site Plan Types

  • Site Plans (SP)
  • Minor Site Plans (MSP)
  • Infill Lot Grading Plans (INF)
  • Public Improvement Plans (PI)
  • Subdivision Plans (SD)
  • Conservation Plans (CON)
  • Rough Grading Plans (RGP)
  • Subdivision Grading Plans (SDGP)
  • Site Plan Grading Plans (SPGP)
  • Easement Plats (EP)
  • Parking Studies (PKS)
  • Record Plats (RP)
  • Sanitary As-Builts (SAN) *
  • Site As-Builts (SAB) *
  • Subdivision As-Builts (SDB) *
  • Soils Reports (SR)
  • Water Quality Impact Assessment (WQIA)
  • Waivers


* associated files that were previously required to be submitted on a CD should be uploaded in the documents folder

Waiver Types

  • Best Management Practice (WBMP)
  • Dam Breach Analysis (WDAM)
  • Dustless Surface (WDSW)
  • Fire Flow (WFFW)
  • Inter-Parcel Access (WIPA)
  • Landscape (WLSW)
  • Public Facilities Manual Modification (WPFM)
  • Peripheral Landscaping (WPL)
  • Road Frontage Improvement (WRDF)
  • Right of Way (WROW)
  • Resource Protection Area (WRPA)
  • Soils Report (WSRW)
  • Streetlights (WSTL)
  • Service Drive (WSVD)
  • Stream Valley Trail (WSVT)
  • Sidewalk (WSW)
  • Storm Water Detention (WSWD)
  • Storm Water Management (WSWM)
  • Tree Cover (WTCW)
  • Trail (WTL)
  • Travel Lane (WTRVL)
  • Transitional Screening (WTSW)
  • Misc. Zoning Ordinance (WZNG)


For all other site-related plans and document types, submit using the Sharefile Submission Form.



Need More Help?

For questions or additional information, please contact the Site Application Center staff via email or telephone 703-222-0801, TTY 711

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