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Bill Hicks,

Site Application Center

The Site Application Center is responsible for the triage, acceptance, and distribution of all site-related plans, including related documentation and fees.

Site-Related Plan & Land Disturbance Process

Phase 1 - Submission

Submit Plans Online: If you are submitting one of the following plan types, submit your plan electronically using ProjectDox.  For more information on how to use ProjectDox visit our ePlans website.

  • Site Plans (SP) and Site Plan Revisions (SPV)
  • Minor Site Plans (MSP) and Minor Site Plan Revisions (MSPV)
  • Infill Lot Grading Plans (INF) and Infill Lot Grading Plan Revisions (INFV)
  • Public Improvement Plans (PI) and Public Improvement Plan Revisions (PIV)
  • Subdivision Plans (SD) and Subdivision Plan Revisions (SDV)
  • Conservation Plans (CON) and Conservation Plan Revisions (CONV)
  • Rough Grading Plans (RGP) and Rough Grading Plan Revisions (RGPV)
  • Subdivision Grading Plans (SDGP)
  • Site Plan Grading Plans (SPGP)

For waivers, soils reports, as-builts, record plats and easement plats, and all other site-related plans and document types, submit using the Sharefile Submission Form.

Please see the minimum submission requirements for each plan type.

Phase 1 FAQ’s (Coming Soon)

Phase 2 - Plan Review

Check the status of your plan:

Phase 2 FAQ’s (Coming soon)

Phase 3 - Plan Approval and Land Disturbance Permit Issuance

  1. Visit LDSNet to see what outstanding conditions and fees remain on your plan. Learn more on our Meeting Approval Conditions website.
  2. Submit required forms and agreements using the Meeting Approval Conditions form.
  3. Pay Fees – Please reference your project by plan number or description of fees being paid.
  4. Once all conditions and fees are completed the plan will be placed in a queue to be processed for issuance, which is when you will receive the approved plan and Land Disturbance Permit.

Phase 3 FAQ’s (Coming Soon)

What's Next?

Now you’re ready for approval on the outstanding reviews on your building permit. Please submit your approved grading plan to the Permit Services Department so that the plan can be routed to the necessary departments, such as Building Plan Review, Zoning, etc. For more information about building permits, visit LDS Operational Status.

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Need More Information?

For questions or additional information, please contact the Site Application Center staff via email or telephone 703-222-0801, TTY 711. The Site Application Center is located at the Herrity Building, 12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 216, Fairfax, VA 22035.

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