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Fairfax County Athletic Council Membership

Council appointees include one representative from each of the nine magisterial districts; a member-at-large; a representative from women's sports programs; a diversity-at-large representative; representatives from the Towns of Vienna, Herndon, and Clifton; and 8 members appointed from the county's 8 sports-specific councils.

To connect with Athletic Council members, please contact the Athletic Services and Community Use Scheduling Unit using the phone number or email information listed above.

 Athletic Council Officers

  • Stephen McLaughlin, Chairman
  • Jenni Cantwell, Vice Chairman
  • Barbara Lowrey, Secretary

District and Town Representatives

  • Marcia M. Pape Daniels, Braddock District
    Mark H. O'Meara (alternate)
  • Gregory Beckwith, Dranesville District
    Brian Luwis (alternate)
  • James R. Elder, Hunter Mill District
    Harold Leff (alternate)
  • Lisa Mickey, Lee District
    William Bright (alternate)
  • Barbara R. Lowrey, Mason District
    Vacant (alternate)
  • Lester Munson, Mount Vernon District
    John J. Corley, III (alternate)
  • Stephen McLaughlin, Providence District
    Clarke Gray (alternate)
  • Michael Thompson, Jr., Springfield District
    Mark Heilbrun (alternate)
  • Gary Flather, Sully District
    Mark Abbott (alternate)
  • Jeffrey E. Stein, Town of Clifton
  • Roland Taylor, Town of Herndon
  • Sam Althoff, Town of Vienna

At-Large Representatives

  • Katherine Quinn, Member-at-Large
    Jon Samson (alternate)
  • Vacant, Diversity-At-Large
    Eric Sohn (alternate)

Sports-Specific Representatives

  • Carl A. S. Coan III, Slow-Pitch Softball Council
    Vacant (alternate)
  • Rob Hahne, Baseball Council
    Vacant (alternate)
  • Steve Bergstrom, Basketball Council
    Stew Clark (alternate)
  • Suzy Willemssen, Fast Pitch Softball Council
    Ryan Buchanan (alternate)
  • Mark Meana, Football Council
    Vacant (alternate)
  • Mary Ann Wagner, Lacrosse Council
    Dave Paddock (alternate)
  • Lula Bauer, Soccer Council
    Trish Moxie (alternate)
  • Chuck Pruitt, Volleyball Council
    Rob Baily (alternate)
  • Jenni Cantwell, Women's Sports
    Jane Dawber (alternate)

County and School Representatives (Non-Voting)

  • Fairfax County Park Authority
    Kirk Kincannon, Director
    Michael Thompson, Jr.
    Vacant, Director of Park Operations
  • Fairfax County Public Schools
    William Curran, Director of Activities and Athletic Programs
    Vicki Garner, Coordinator of Community Use
  • Fairfax County School Board
    Ricardy Anderson
  • Department of Neighborhood and Community Services
    Chris Leonard, Director
    Keisha Dotson, Division Director Access
    Karen Avvisato, Athletic Services Division Supervisor
    Mark Martino, Athletic Services Branch Manager
    Jason Shelton, Athletic Services Division
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