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Burgundy Village Community Center Operations Board

The Burgundy Village Community Center Operations Board operates and maintains the Burgundy Village Community Center (BVCC) in conjunction with the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS). The BVCC is maintained by the residents of Burgundy Village tax district and is used for meetings, public service activities and private parties. It backs up to a Fairfax County Park and is next to Cameron Elementary School's playground and basketball court.

Interested in serving on the BVCC Operations Board? Applications are now open. All applications must be submitted by March 8, 2024. Elections to follow. View submission materials below. 

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Questions and Answers About the Burgundy Village Community Center (BVCC) Operations Board

What is the BVCC Operations Board?
The Operations Board is made up of five neighborhood members who have been elected to work with NCS to operate and maintain the community center. The Operation Board works with NCS to make maintenance requests; building upgrades and renovations; sets rental fees and priority use for the community Center. The Operation Board also works with NCS to maintain financial solvency of the Community Center.

The Operations Board is comprised of a Chair, Vice-Chair/Secretary, Community Liaison, and two at-large members. All members will serve in their Operations Board positions without compensation.

What are the BVCC Bylaws?
The Burgundy Village Community Center Operations Board's Articles of Operation (bylaws) were revised on Sept. 25, 2023. View full bylaws.

What importance service does the BVCC Operations Board provide to the Burgundy Village Community?  
The Burgundy Village Community Center is partially funded by a special tax assessment by homeowners in Burgundy Village as well as by rental fees. The Operation Board considers the needs of the community in determining priority use for the center and in setting rental fees. BVCC has been rented to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, host family reunions, as well as host exercise classes, religious services and is available upon request and approval, rent-free for community events. 

What are the time commitments for serving on the BVCC Operations Board?  
The Operations Board members are elected for a 3-year term. The Operation Board meets three or four times a year. In between these meetings, the Operations Board typically communicates and reviews information over email, as needed.  

Why should I serve? 
This is a wonderful way to give back directly to your neighborhood and community so everyone can enjoy the Community Center. Good financial management of the Community Center also helps keep the special tax assessment from increasing too much. 

Who is eligible to serve on the Operations Board?  
Anyone 18 years of age or older who owns property and resides within Local District 1A Franconia is eligible to become a candidate for appointment to the Operations Board. Local District 1A Franconia is known as the Burgundy Village Community, which includes the subdivisions of Burgundy Village, Somerville Hill and Burgundy Manor.

How do I apply?  
Candidates interested in applying to serve on the Operation Board should submit a statement of interest (no longer than 250 words), a photograph and documentation on their eligibility during the open period to NCS. These applications can be submitted via email, mail or in person. NCS partners with the League of Women Voters to compile ballots and administer the election to residents of Local District 1A. Applications must be submitted by March 8, 2024. View the following materials for consideration.


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