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Food Providers Network

Food Providers NetworkThe Food Providers Network (FPN) was formed to provide a venue for area food banks and pantries to learn from each other and create opportunities for coordination among providers.  The purpose of the FPN is to:

  • Increase collaboration among providers and community partners which improves and expands individual providers’ areas of coverage and reduces duplication of effort.
  • Share information on resources and best management practices which strengthens the network by strengthening each individual provider.
  • Use community outreach to accomplish several goals: reach more clients; reach new community partners to bring in more supplies; boost volunteer involvement; and advance emergency preparedness plans.


County Conversation Podcast - November 7, 2018: Food Distribution and Food Insecurity






Goals and Plans

The goal of the FPN is to increase the community's capacity to serve individuals and families with emergency food through the following methods:

  1. Using data to identify gaps in service and working to find ways to cover the gaps
    • Human Services Resource Guide, a web-based application that contains information about organizations, programs and services available to County residents
  2. Sharing best practices and service delivery models to help others
  3. Developing a plan for small and large food programs to work together in response to opportunities, such as bulk donations that can be shared among the providers
  4. Developing creative approaches to gain additional corporate partnerships and solicit donations from the community.
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