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Glenn Padeway,

Mobility Management


An accessible, affordable and coordinated transportation system continues to be a critical need for older adults and individuals with disabilities in the Washington Metro region.

Mobility Management is a strategic approach to managing transportation resources within the community by focusing on:

  • Individual travel needs.
  • Better coordination of existing services.
  • Improving awareness of transportation options.
  • Developing and implementing new transportation alternatives to meet existing need.

TOPS Pilot Program

for older adults and adults with disabilities

TOPS pilot

TOPS PILOT is a limited-time, reduced-fee program to introduce older adults and those with disabilities to TOPS.

Eligibility: Must be a resident of Fairfax County, the City of Fairfax or the City of Falls Church, plus meet one of the following criteria:

  • 50 years of age or older, with an annual income of $50,000 or less per individual.
  • Registered user of MetroAccess.
  • Recipient of Social Security Insurance (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

TOPS PILOT participants will be enrolled for one year and are eligible for four subsidies during that year. Each subsidy provides $100 in benefits at a cost to the participant of $15. Enroll online HERE and select TOPS PILOT in the dropdown at the top of the application, OR print the application (English or Spanish) and mail it in, OR call 703-222-9764 to request that an application be sent to you through the mail.

Transportation Toolkit

Travel Tools and Resources

Transportation Guide


View the full spectrum of transportation services available in Fairfax County to get From Here to There! Neighborhood and Community Service's Fairfax County Transportation Guide.  

For paper copies, call 703-222-9746.



Utilize our Interactive Transportation Map to identify transportation options for older adults and individuals with disabilities wherever you may be in the county.




Plan a trip to destinations throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area using WMATA's Bus/Rail Trip Planner.

Travel Training


Travel Training for older adults supports the independence and connectedness of our aging population by teaching them about public transportation resources available in our area. More Information . . . 


About the Mobility Access Project

Fairfax County is leading the Fairfax County Mobility Access Project (FXMAP), with funds obtained through a grant from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, to bring together community, county and regional partners to address the project’s five goal areas:

  1. Increase capacity within identified neighborhoods to expand transportation options and/or coordination.
  2. Increase capacity within community based organizations and faith based organizations to expand transportation options and/or coordination.
  3. Build institutional capacity within participating local governments and partners by creating a “No Wrong Door” framework to ensure smooth and efficient service navigation for customers.
  4. Transition the Human Services Transportation Call Center from a scheduling- and response-based call center to an assessment-based contact center in order to increase service navigation and awareness of available options and resources.
  5. Create a more efficient and effective system of transportation services by leveraging and expanding the county's Travel Training program while working with partners to focus on vulnerable populations in Fairfax County.

For more information about Mobility Management, please contact Cynthia Alarico at 703-324-7055, or MaryJo Hensler at 703-324-7051, TTY 711.


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