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Disability Services

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Within 45 days of enrollment, Head Start screens every child for overall development of sensory, auditory, behavioral, motor, language, social, cognitive, perceptual and emotional skills. This process helps to identify if a child may have a developmental delay that would require disability services and individualized instruction. Infants and toddlers with an identified disability are served primarily through the Community Services Board's Infant Toddler Connection (also known as ITC or Early Intervention Services) and preschoolers through the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program. Interagency agreements exist between these programs to ensure the timely referral of children with suspected disabilities. The agreements also articulate the services in place, such as educational and behavioral supports to meet the needs of children with disabilities prior to an eligibility determination.

Infant Toddler Connection (ITC)
ITC provides services to children ages birth to 3.

Child Find
To access Early Childhood Special Education services, children starting at the age of 20 months go through the FCPS Child Find eligibility process.

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