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Inventory of Historic Sites - FAQs

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The Inventory is a register of historic sites recognized as having significance in the history of Fairfax County. This register is maintained by the county, approved by the Fairfax County History Commission, and adopted by the Board of Supervisors. It was established in 1969 and continues to grow. There are currently over 350 properties listed.

Houses, farms, churches, schools, neighborhoods, cemeteries, and archaeological sites, to name a few. A property must meet certain criteria for historical or public significance to be listed. Being listed provides recognition for a property’s role in the county’s heritage.

There is a nomination process including a nomination form. Nominations are submitted by the general public to the Department of Planning and Development heritage resource staff for review. Once a nomination is complete, it is presented to the History Commission at one of its monthly meetings. The commission then reviews the nomination to determine if the site meets the criteria for listing. At a subsequent meeting, the commission will vote as to whether or not to list the site.

No. Being listed in the Inventory is honorary and does not impose restrictions on what an owner can do with the property. However, if the property is the subject of a land use planning study or zoning application, the historic status will be taken into consideration because Inventory properties are listed in the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan.

No. Being listed in the Inventory is honorary. It will not prevent a property owner from making changes, including alterations or demolition. However, since Inventory properties are listed in the Comprehensive Plan they are taken into consideration when land use planning and zoning activities occur.

Anyone can nominate a property to the Inventory. If your property meets the criteria for being listed, it can be considered. County staff is available to discuss whether your property would be a good candidate for listing. Nomination forms can be completed and sent in to the address listed on the form.

Visit the Inventory of Historic Sites website or call the Department of Planning and Development. The website provides an overview of the Inventory, a master list and map of historic sites, nomination forms including criteria for listing, nomination instructions and research advice.

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