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Jeff Weiler,
Executive Director

Active Employees - All Systems

Fairfax County manages three Defined Benefit Retirement Systems

Employees in each Retirement System have somewhat different Contribution and Benefit amounts as well as different Eligibility requirements for retirement.  Specific information related to these provisions can be found by visiting the specific Retirement System links below. The links immediately below take you to information that will be informative for ALL active employees, regardless of which System you are a member of.

Employees' Retirement System

  • CIVILIAN General County Employees
  • Part-time Merit 20+ hours a week
  • Some School Employees


Learn more about the Employees' Retirement System

Police Officers Retirement System

  • Sworn Police Officers

Sworn Police Officers are the only members of the Police Officers Retirement System

Learn more about the Police Retirement System

Uniformed Retirement System

  • Fire and Rescue   |   Sheriff       
  • Park Police   |   Helicopter Pilots   |   Animal Control
  • Public Safety Communications (DPSC)


Learn more about the Uniformed Retirement System

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