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Uniformed Retirement System - Active Members

Military Service Purchases

Uniformed Retirement System (URS) members now have the ability to purchase up to 4 years of military experience, within certain limits and conditions. Staff is preparing forms, fact sheets, and other materials to assist members with these service purchases. Those materials will be available soon. In the meantime, the following are some key dates of interest.

  • 7/12/2024 - To receive an estimated prior service purchase calculation prior to Fiscal Year 2025 salary increases taking effect, applications for service purchase estimates must be submitted on or before July 12, 2024.  Additional information will be provided as it’s received. 
  • 7/27/2024 - For salary increases to be considered for retirement benefit calculations, you must retire or enter DROP on or after July 27, 2024. 

The Uniformed Retirement System (URS) was established in 1974, to be the retirement system for uniformed or sworn employees of the FIre and Rescue Department, The Sheriff's Department, Animal Control unit, and Police Helicopter Unit. Subsequently, employees in the Public Safety Communications Department have become members of the URS. 

There are number of retirement benefits available to members of the URS, as summarized below.


Service Retirement - Uniformed

Service retirement is for employees who are one of the following:

Eligible for a full retirement benefit (Ordinary Service Retirement)

Eligible for an early retirement benefit (Early Retirement)

Vested but not eligible for an ordinary or early retirement benefit (Deferred Vested Retirement)

Each of these will be discussed in the sections below.

Disability Retirement - Uniformed

Members who are still actively employed and become disabled may be eligible for a Disability Retirement benefit.

There are 3 categories of Disability Retirement benefits:

Ordinary Disability - for disabilities that are not job-related.

Service-Connected Disability - for disabilities that are job-related and are not considered as a Severe Service-Connected disability.

Severe Service-Connected Disability - for disabilities that are job-related and meet one of several categories of injury.

Each of these will be explained in the sections that follow.

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