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Retirement/DROP Entry Checklist for School Employees

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  1. One - two years prior to your retirement eligibility date:
    Register for Understanding Your Retirement Benefit Class.
  2. Within One Year of Retirement Eligibility:
    Submit a Benefit Estimate to the Retirement System's office.
  3. Within Six Months of Retirement/DROP Date:
    Contact Retirement Systems to set up a one-on-one counseling session. 
    ACTIVE Employees with last names beginning:

    A – L may call Stephanie Davis at 703-279-8229
    M – Z may call Susan Ayres at 703-279-8228
    You will receive DROP entry forms or retirement forms during your counseling session.

  4. At least 60 days prior to retirement/DROP (once all forms are completed):
    • Return your completed retirement or DROP forms to your Retirement Analyst. Forms may be submitted via:
      1. Mail: 12015 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Suite 350, Fairfax VA 22033
      2. Email: or
      3. Fax: 703-653-9543
      4. In Person: Drop box outside of office during COVID restrictions
    • Review the How-To Videos here prior to submission to ensure the forms are completed correctly.
    • Please be sure that any electronic submissions are clear and legible.
    • DROP Application Schedule (Please Note: Monthly School Employees may enter the DROP only on the first of any given month, so the DROP application must be submitted 2 or more months prior to the beginning of the month of which they choose to enter.)
    • Talk with the FCPS Office of Benefit Services at 571-423-3200, opt 3, opt 2 to discuss options for retirement Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Life Insurance. As a courtesy, your retirement analyst will provide an HR-461 form in your Normal Retirement packet. Any questions pertaining to this form, including appropriate timing for submission, should be directed to FCPS Office of Benefit Services.
  5. 60-90 Days after retirement or DROP entry:
    • First Payment Letter and Calculation Worksheet will be mailed to you within this timeframe.
    • All monthly retirement payments will be send by direct deposit to your financial institution on the last business day of each month.
    • After your first monthly payment, please contact Retiree Services for all retirement change requests and questions. 

      Retiree Last Names beginning 
      (A-G) Nydia Rivera 703-279-8211
      (H-O) Max Perez-Mendez 703-279-8216
      Yvonne Ta 703-279-8230
  6. DROP Exit - Counselors automatically mail you a DROP exit packet 6 months before your DROP exit date.



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