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Active Managerial Control

Active Managerial Control (AMC) is a preventive food safety management system. Food service managers use AMC to prevent the risk of foodborne illness rather than reacting when an inspector points out an uncontrolled risk factor. The manager becomes the inspector on a daily basis. The responsibility for controlling foodborne illness risk factors is shared with employees.

An AMC program should include:

  1. Written Policies. Policy statements set expectations for employees. For example, the policy for cold holding might be that all Temperature Controlled for Safety (TCS) food will be kept refrigerated below 41°F.
  2. Training. All staff should be trained on the policies. As part of a cold holding policy, all food preparation staff should be trained that TCS food should be 41°F or less. The person in charge should not be the only person who is aware of and responsible for following the policies.
  3. Monitoring (a method for verifying that employees follow specific policies). A temperature log for checking temperatures of TCS foods throughout the day is one means of monitoring a cold holding policy, for example.
  4. Corrective Action (what to do if the monitoring shows that a policy is not met). The corrective action should be part of the policy statement. For example, does the cold holding policy tell staff what to do if the TCS food is out of temperature on the temperature log?

Fairfax County Health Department regularly recognizes food service operators who apply AMC in facilities through its Active Managerial Control Recognition Program.

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