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Food Safety Tools and Resources

Fairfax County Health Department has created tools and resources that may be used in any establishment to create food safety systems through Active Managerial Control (AMC). These tools are designed to help those establishments that would like to start or strengthen their AMC.

STAMP provides an opportunity for an establishment to showcase its AMC practices and dedication to food safety. Partner with your Environmental Health Specialist to find the resources that would make the biggest impact in your facility.

The following resources are listed by subject matter and may contain a fact sheet, a sign and monitoring logs for control over each risk factor or good retail practice. 

Active Managerial Control (AMC) Guidance Documents

What Is AMC?
AMC Toolkit

Cold Hold and Hot Hold

Cold Hold
Hot Hold
Cold and Hot Hold

Cooking and Reheating

Cooking and Reheating


Cooling and Cooling Methods
Cooling Log

Cross Contamination and Cross Contact

Cross Contamination
Glove Use

Employee Health

Employee Health Policy Packet
Daily Employee Health Check Log
Employee Absence Illness Log
Preventing Norovirus From Spreading Fact Sheet
Report Your Illness Fact Sheet

Food Contact Surfaces

Sanitizer Check Log

Food Source

Parasite Destruction




Self-Inspection Log
Food Temperature Log


Date Marking
Discarded or Damaged Food



Thermometer Calibration


Time as a Public Health Control

Time as a Public Health Control - 4 hours
Time as a Public Health Control - 6 hours

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