Division of Environmental Health

Fairfax County, Virginia

CONTACT INFORMATION: Our Environmental Health Services office at 10777 Main Street in Fairfax is open during regular business hours 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. Clinic services are not offered at this location.

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10777 Main Street, Suite 100
Fairfax, VA 22030

Pieter A. Sheehan, REHS,
Director, Division of Environmental Health

Certified Food Manager Guidelines

Food establishments operating in Fairfax County (including the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church) must be under the immediate control of a Certified Food Manager (CFM). However, an establishment defined as a “Limited Food Establishment” may operate under the control of a Limited Certified Food Manager (LCFM). A Limited Food Establishment is one that serves only hotdogs or frankfurter-type foods, pre-packaged foods, or foods that are not potentially hazardous.

Northern Virginia Certified Food Manager Cards (both CFM and LCFM cards) are issued by ORS Interactive, Inc. at the address listed below.

Note: The Fairfax County Health Department DOES NOT issue CFM cards.

ORS Interactive, Inc.
6066 Leesburg Pike, Suite 200B
Falls Church, VA 22041
Phone: 703-533-7600
Fax: 703-318-8884
Email: Info@orsinteractive.com 

To obtain a Northern Virginia CFM or LCFM card you must go to ORS Interactive, Inc. You will need to show proof of passing one of the "Recognized Exams" listed below. Training classes are available from ORS Interactive, Inc. in English and Spanish. As part of the training class, an exam will be offered and you may receive your CFM card the same day. If you need to only take the exam, you can also do so at the ORS Interactive, Inc. office and receive your card the same day. Call ORS Interactive, Inc. for information about schedules and applicable fees for training classes or the exam. A Northern Virginia Food Manager Card is valid in Fairfax County, Arlington County and the City of Alexandria. CFM and LCFM cards must be renewed every five years based on successful completion of another exam at the time of renewal.

Recognized Exams

The following food manager examinations are approved by the Health Departments in Fairfax County, Arlington County and the City of Alexandria. Training information for the recognized exams is also available from these organizations:


National Registry of Food Safety Professionals




Fairfax Virtual Assistant