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Gym Use: Eligibility and Permits

Permits are required in order to use gyms in Fairfax County Public Schools. 

The Department of Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) schedules and handles the permitting the use of Fairfax County Public School gyms for leagues, organizations and groups of individuals during times designated for community use:

  • Monday - Friday, 5 to 10:15 PM
  • Saturday - Sunday, 8 AM to 10:15 PM
    * Gyms are not available during Fairfax County Public School Employee Holidays

Any for-profit athletic organizations, groups seeking space for fundraising activities, camps or clinics and those seeking gym use outside of community use time must contact the property owner (Fairfax County Public Schools) to arrange for gym use and will be subject to the owner's rental policies and fees.

Apply for a Permit               Fees               Gym Rules


Gym Allocation

NCS is guided by the county's Gym Allocation Policy that dictates in which order groups are to be scheduled and how much space is available to be allotted. The following are general guidelines which serve as the foundation for this policy:

  • Youth programs have scheduling priority over adult programs.
  • Organized leagues have scheduling priority over groups of individuals. The organizations with the highest scheduling priority are Certified Athletic Organizations (CAO). To qualify as a CAO, you must submit copies of the following documents: 
    • Organization bylaws
    • Codes of conduct for athletes, spectators, and coaches
    • Progressive disciplinary procedures
    • Emergency communication plan
  • Each sport is assigned a primary season, during which that sport has scheduling priority over other sports. For example, badminton groups (fall primary season) have gym scheduling priority over basketball groups (winter) during the fall.
  • Groups that do not meet our residency requirements have the lowest scheduling priority. The residency requirements are: 
    • Youth organizations:  90% of participants must be Fairfax County residents
    • Youth teams applying as individual teams: 75% of participants must be Fairfax County residents
    • Adult organizations: 75% of all participants AND 67% of each team must be Fairfax County residents
  • Groups receive a certain amount of space per week. This amount is based on the number of participants, their ages, and the sport. For example, a soccer team of 11 year-olds qualifies for 3 hours of practice and 1.5 hours of game space per week (we assume two teams on the field per practice and game).
  • Groups are allocated space in blocks of time. You are responsible for assigning the space to specific teams within your organization for games and practices.
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