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Frequently Asked Questions

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Families Applying for CCAR

Once you have submitted a completed application packet to CCAR, your packet will be assigned to a CCAR Eligibility Specialist (CCAR ES) for processing. The CCAR ES is also available to answer any questions that you may have about the eligibility process.

Depending on eligibility, families may be responsible for paying only a portion of the weekly child care fee. CCAR may pay the remaining amount, and also a program registration fee for one year. Parents are responsible for all other charges, including overtime and late fees. Parent fees are:

  • Based on income and size of family.
  • Paid directly to the provider.

Application processing may take up to 30 days from the date that it is received by CCAR. Once a determination is made about your eligibility, your CCAR ES will contact you.

Questions about your eligibility can be directed to your CCAR Eligibility Specialist and questions about your child care placement or designated child care program may be directed to your CCAR Child Care Specialist.

After you are determined eligible to receive child care assistance, a CCAR Child Care Specialist (CCS) will work with you to choose a child care placement. The CCAR CCS must authorize the child care prior to starting care.

Child care programs should contact their assigned Human Services Assistant for payment related questions.

The county will reimburse for care up to the Maximum Reimbursable Rate (MRR) minus any parent co-payment. The MMR is the maximum amount that the state will contribute toward incurred child care expenses per child. The parent is responsible for paying any fees that the program charges above this rate.

Yes. In order to participate in the Child Care Assistance program, the child care provider must be permitted locally or licensed by the state. They must also be willing to participate with our program and sign an agreement so that payment may be issued for services.

You should notify your provider at least two (2) weeks prior to your last day in care and make sure you have paid all parent fees owed to the provider. At the same time, you should also contact your Child Care Specialist directly to begin the process of transferring care.

Yes, however, to ensure that your worker is available to meet with you, please contact him/her to schedule an appointment.

Child Care Programs

There are trainings offered on how to start your own business in child care. You may either come into the office to speak with a Community Education Provider Services (CEPS) representative, sign up for the course or call to register by phone at 703-324-8100. Learn more about applying for a permit.

For local funds, you can expect payment to arrive approximately 3 weeks after submission if attendance is verified and correct.

If payment is being processed by the state through a swipe card, payments will be calculated twice a month, on the 10th (for services billed through the end of the prior month) and on the 25th (for services billed through the 15th of the current month). The actual date you receive your payment will be dependent upon completion of the direct deposit process. For more information on state payments, visit the Virginia Department of Social Services..

No. You are not considered a county employee. You are a private business owner/self-employed.

Yes. The state has identified ten (10) holidays that all vendors will receive payment for. These holidays are noted in your Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Please note that you must claim these holidays when recording your attendance.

No. The county does NOT deduct taxes from your payment. That is your responsibility as a self-employed business owner. The county will however send you a tax statement to be used when you file your taxes. This statement will state the total payments issued to you by the county during that year.

If the program was closed and was not available for services and the day was not one of the ten (10) holidays noted in the MOA, the vendor should NOT expect payment.

You may contact your Human Services Assistant to request a new one. This can be faxed, mailed or printed for you in the main office.

You may call your Human Services Assistant or the front desk at 703-449-8484 to ask for assistance in resetting your password or for information concerning any system outage.

You should contact your Child Care Specialist first as they have more information concerning the authorized schedule.

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