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Tracy Strunk

Dulles Suburban Center - Submission DSC-D1-2; Adopted Amendment 2017-25

Jackson Property

DSC-D1-2 MapAdopted On:
September 24, 2019

Tax Map Parcel #:
24-2((1))2, 3, 4

Supervisor District:
Dranesville District

Adopted Plan Recommendation:
(Please see Land Unit D1, p. 85, for full text) The southern portion of the sub-unit that includes the Horse Pen Run is planned for public park use. The remainder of the sub-unit is planned for office use up to .15 FAR to provide development that is compatible with existing and planned adjacent land uses within this land unit and Land Units D-2 and C. As an option, the land within this sub-unit may be consolidated with Tax Map Parcels 24-2((1)) 1 and 10 and used to support the development referred in Option 2 for the western portion of the land unit - Tax Map Parcels 24-2((1)) 1 and 10, upon which the entire sub-unit would be dedicated and developed with park and open space.

Proposed Change:
Add an option for residential development at 10-12 dwelling units per acre.

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