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Current Work Program Plan Amendments

Minor Plan Amendments

These amendments involve smaller geographies, typically a small consolidation of properties or a land unit, or a section of a roadway.

  1. 7501 Loisdale Road (2020-IV-S1)

  2. 7700 Leesburg Pike (2020-II-M1)

  3. 8708 Silverbrook Road (2020-III-P1)

  4. 8800 Richmond Highway (2018-IV-MV2)

  5. 9439 Leesburg Pike (2019-II-M1)

  6. Beacon/Groveton and Hybla Valley/Gum Springs Areas (2018-IV-MV3)

  7. Fairfax Center, Sub-Unit J3 (pt.) (2020-III-FC1)

  8. Fairfax County Parkway at Burke Centre Parkway (2019-III-T1)

  9. Holmes Run Acres Historic Overlay District (2020-I-J1)

  10. Huntington Avenue/Richmond Highway Intersection Study (2018-IV-T1)

  11. Lee District Community Center (2020-IV-MV2)

  12. North Gateway Community Business Center (CBC) Sub-Units A-1, A-2, and A-3 (2018-IV-MV5)

  13. Richmond Highway Corridor - SNA Study (2018-IV-MV6)

  14. River Farm Historic Overlay District (2020-IV-MV1)

  15. Sully Station Shopping Center (SSPA 2018-III-1BR)

  16. Terminal Road (2018-IV-S2)

  17. Topgolf Site, Kingstowne Area (2015-IV-RH1)

Activity Center or Neighborhood Amendments

Areawide Plan amendments involve larger geographic areas, which may include planning districts or one or more activity centers.

  1. Fairfax Center Area, Phase III, Core Area (2013-III-FC1(C))

  2. Hollin Hills Historic Overlay District (2018-IV-MV4)

  3. McLean Community Business Center Study (2018-II-M1)

  4. Parks Comprehensive Plan Update (S11-CW-3CP(B))

  5. Public Schools - Plan Map Update

  6. Reston Area Study and Plan Amendment (2020-III-UP1)

  7. Transportation - Transit Study (2013-CW-T4)

  8. West Falls Church TSA Study (2018-II-1M)

Countywide and Policy Amendments

Policy amendments address countywide policy guidance and objectives.

  1. Airport Noise Policy (2020-CW-3CP)

  2. Coastal Resource Management/Tidal Shoreline Erosion Control

  3. Housing Element and Workforce Dwelling Unit Policy (2020-CW-2CP)

  4. Public Facilities Policy Plan (2020-CW-1CP)

  5. Public Facilities, Governmental and Institutional Comprehensive Plan Map Update (2013-CW-5CP)

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