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Plan Amendment 2022-I-B1; Adopted Amendment 2017-56

Baileys CBC, Sub-unit B-5

Locator Map2016 Proffer Reform Bill - Exempt

Adopted On:
November 21, 2023

PLUS Record Number:

Tax Map Parcels:
61-4 ((17))  B; 61-4 ((29))  D1, E, F1; 62-3 ((02))  A, B, C, 44A, 45A, 46, 51A, 52A

Supervisor District:

Planning District:

On May 10, 2022, the Board of Supervisors authorized the consideration of a Comprehensive Plan amendment for Sub-Unit B-5 of the Town Center District of the Baileys Crossroads Community Business Center (CBC), in the Mason Supervisor District. The adopted Plan for this area recommends “village scale” mixed-use development consisting of multifamily and townhouse residential uses and community-serving commercial uses with an overall FAR of 1.0-1.5. Buildings may be 4-6 stories in height, with an option for up to seven stories if all of Land Units B-4 and B-5 are consolidated. The Board requested that staff consider a mix of residential and commercial uses with a strong emphasis on parcel consolidation, design, and open space in addition to building heights ranging from four to up to 14 stories for the subject property. The Carousel Court Apartments, on the south side of Seminary Road, are part of Land Unit B-5 but will not be considered for a change in land use or density.

Click on the map (above) for a detailed enlargement of the area. 

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